First Look: The Killing Season 3

This is the year of thirds, for all of my favorite Western dramas are rounding out their run in trilogy. And, I won’t complain, for this time last year, I was mourning these dramas, believing a return to screen would never come. Thankfully, AMC (like BBC ONE) rescued an excellent drama for the abyss and The Killing is primed to begin just in time to fill my summer with the suspense and mystery my tiny ticker can’t seem to wind without.

The Killing is an American adaptation of the the Danish crime procedural drama Forbrydelsen meaning “the crime” but translated as “the killing.” Forbrydelsen created by  Søren Sveistrup, began in 2007, starring  Sofie Gråbøl and Søren Malling, aired a total of three seasons and hauled in critical acclaim, racking awards and nominations from BAFTA to International Emmy, all the while acquiring a  formidable cult following. In 2011, it’s remake, The Killing began it’s 13 episode first season on AMC, adapted by screenwriter Veena Sud and by the end of 2012 a novelized version of the series was published.

The U.S. first seasons covered two Seattle detectives, Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos), single but absent mother and Stephen Holder’s(Joel Kinnaman), recovering addict, investigation of the murder of high school senior, Rosie Larsen. With each episode marking one day of the investigation, the story reaches into the lives of the Larsen family as they cope with the murder, the machinations of police politics, as well as, the murder’s effect on the current mayoral campaign. But, it’s third season, is the birth of a new case and new beginnings, as Holder’s efforts to locate a runaway girl, open up to a slew of murders that connect to one of Linden’s old cases, causing him to bring a reluctant Sarah back on the beat and unearth wounds she’s fought hard to close.

The fruition of this third installment, is a great balm to the hoards of frightened fans of the drama, delighted by the collaboration of AMC and Netflix that led to the show’s pardon (the show was cancelled  last summer, then renewed by the fall). This resuscitation may also bring in new fans, that gave up on the Larsen case. For, The Killing‘s damp grey world is rife with possibilities, with  fresh ground to tread but also promises to answer some questions regarding Linden’s past that was hinted and hovered over in the previous seasons.

The Killing airs 2hr. premiere on AMC June 2.

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