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รุ่นพี่ Secret Love | Bake Me Love: episode 1

Around this time last year, I was absolutely obsessed with the GMMTV  series Ugly Duckling. Unfortunately, it turned out only the first part of the series appealed to me but it made me keep an eye on what the channel was working on and releasing next. So it was delighted to see this summer they have also released a few series’ that come across cute and fun and most importantly much lighter fair than your typical lakorn. My favorite so far is the three part, six episodes youthful series #รุ่นพี่ Secret Love (or Senior Secret Series). The first outing wasn’t my taste but the second was all kites, rainbows and puppies (literally!), while the recently ended third installment is my personal favorite.

I’ve decided that all cute dramas deserve a recap, just because they are adorable. And check out a quick synopsis of the series, after the jump. Continue reading รุ่นพี่ Secret Love | Bake Me Love: episode 1

Afterthoughts: Rang Pratana 1-3

 Springtime is for purging and blogging is no exception. Drama consumption over the last couple years has been heavily disproportionate to the amount of response and review, not necessarily due to the lack of ideas or thoughts but basically just time and patience. So, it’s my plan in the next few weeks to finally finish and release those posts that have been sitting in drafts for weeks, months and years, just waiting for me to press POST.

Synopsis: A couple of childhood friends find themselves in surprise scandal-ridding marriage. 

Cast: Nadech Kugimiya, Kimberely Voltemas, Mint Vongvasana, Alex Rendell, Jaja Primrata, Daew Suriyont, Air Panthila

Original Airdate/Length: January 2013; 15 episodes 

View date: Nov-Dec 2014

rp02This story is pretty straightforward in that an orphaned boy (Nadech Kugimiya) is raised by his mother’s employer and grows up undoubtedly grateful for his kindness. Unlike other narratives, the family has enveloped him as their own, at least all but one; the youngest daughter SuPah (Kimberley Voltemas) Normally, this wouldn’t matter for being the youngest she’s been spoiled and coddled and she’s rich; used to getting what she wants. However, Pitt and Thae used to be quite close, to the point that people thought they were siblings; stuck together like glue, then, something abruptly changes. And ever since, Thae treats Pitt like the hired help and he has hardened toward her as well.

Thae hints to the heart of the matter once after Pitt squashes Daddy’s marriage proposal and again in the pool with her friend, that her hostility began with his relationship with his college and current girlfriend Rawee (Mint Vongvasana). Of course, her friend takes this as her being selfish and needing his undivided attention (and I don’t doubt that plays a part), but clearly, somewhere down the line he unwittingly hurt her. RangPratthana 1.mp40227Thae isn’t a complicated character, in that it’s pretty clear that she has deep feelings for Pitt. Problem is, it’s too early to call those feelings love. And by early I mean, in the progression of the drama itself.   For, I see whatever she feels as clouded and muddled and will probably take the majority of the series for her to decipher through the fog.  I am certain the feelings she has, she’s been harboring since childhood, certain that her playmate would remain hers forever. The thing is, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, love doesn’t return in the way we hope and instead of learning this lesson and maturing from it, Thae has become angry and bitter. Which of course, is my largest problem with her. For, Pitt isn’t wrong when he says she’s “manipulative and a liar, always has an agenda and should never be trusted.” Even now, as she works along side him, her intention was to butter him up and then pull the chair out from under him. It hasn’t worked out the way she’d planned only because she overestimated her sense of self-control.

Pitt is a good man and she knows it. She’s attracted to him and that desire to be close to him and please him has won out more than her ideas of revenge. Though, we all know, that won’t last for long, when he never lets her forget how much he loves Rawee.  However, I can’t help but notice that Pitt isn’t as oblivious to Thae as he’d like to be and that definitely has me poised to find out what really happened between them. We can bank it was some type of misunderstanding or misconception but I can’t help but wonder who or what was the culprit.rp01

Like most drama watches, misunderstandings grind my nerves, especially when they are petty and brittle; an issue that could be resolved with one question or short conversation. However, in this instance,  we are dealing with the young hearts of teenagers, being Pitt and Rawee have dated for seven years and the pride of circumstance. To me, Thae is the freer of the two to love, while Pitt doesn’t seem the type to have his eyes on the bosses daughter. Yet, I have a distinct feeling at one time he struggled with his feelings.

Alternate Pairings: Pitt and Rawee

When we first see Pitt and Rawee together, they seem happy and in love and eventhough we know the end pairing, they these two seem like a great match. That is, until you meet Rawee’s mother and clock her heavy influence on her daughter. For while Rawee talks a good game, in defending Pitt, she doesn’t actually believe what she says. And if there is anything that is a detriment to their relationship, it’s Rawee’s inability to trust her own mind. I believe she knows Pitt loves her and she recognizes what a steady, hard-wroking, committed man he is, however, she doesn’t wholeheartedly trust him. And at this point, Pitt hasn’t actually done anything that truly warrants suspicions from her, for everything that might come across remotely suspicious in his behavior is either (1) dedication to his job or obviously (2) a setup. Yet, Rawee, never uses her brain, nor does she rely on her confidence in the foundation of her relationship with Pitt, instead she chooses to believe her eyes or the naysayers around her.rp03

And boy does she have a few. Thae is painted as the ultimate kink in their relationship, for she’s always pulling tricks to make Pitt look bad in Rawee’s eyes, but it’s actually her best closest friend, See that takes the cake for me. Not just in the fact that she is constantly whispering negative ideas into Rawee’s ears but more that Rawee refuses to recognize her true intentions. Clearly, See isn’t a friend at all and either desires Pitt for herself (which I can’t see how she’d ever think that were possible) or she secretly just hates Rawee and wants to relish in her misery. Either way, her statements and machinations are so transparent, it’s rather frustrating Rawee doesn’t call her on half her statements. 

It is also true that Rawee’s mother is virtually a monster but my largest problem isn’t her mother at all, for it is Rawee who has known and dated Pitt for years, therefore, it is she I can’t stomach, for how weak minded she is. She comes across as being business savvy but when it comes to her love life, she’s rather dim. I could even try to commend her for recognizing Poowadon (Alex Rendell) for the cad he is, if in kind she was equally able to pinpoint the problem in her own relationship. It’s very disheartening to watch a woman being dragged around by everyone else instead of standing on her own. And by the time she loses Pitt, like I know she will, I doubt I will have the energy to care about her any longer, for the simple fact she’s been so silly and doubtful for so long.

Ugly Duckling Series— Perfect Match Gifs

So I have been away for awhile and haven’t had to chance to sit down and finish the latest recaps. They are certainly coming but probably not until the end of the week. Therefore, I thought I’d share some gifs I did long before I ever decided to recap in the first place.

Episode 1

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Ugly Duckling— Perfect Match: episode three

Not all arguments are equal. Most are just road expansions, speed pumps or signs of reconstruction” And while others are detours, some are road blocks, that lead to an impasse and eventual road closures. But ultimately, quarreling isn’t always bad. For squabbles teach us so many things about ourselves and other people, yet, like in everything, there is a proper way to deal with disagreements. When you are in a relationship it’s also good to know how your partner deals with conflict—- whether they pull punches, rehearse hurts, jab to inflict pain or cower in corners. However, the problem with arguing is that feelings and tempers flair in ways that aren’t the best reflection of ourselves and at times, reveal more about what lies beneath than we’d like.

I never believed Ning and Suea had a perfect relationship. Not just because a such thing doesn’t exist but because there were tiny hints from the beginning that had me believing they were both working with some very different fundamental reasons for being in their relationship and equally different reasons for staying together. And while I contend this fight was waged with ulterior motives, regardless of why it began, Ning and Suea, may seem to be having a confrontation over money but their issue goes beyond a general difference of opinion. In which case implies, not only is this not their first road block, it’s possible they have no more detours ahead and should prepare for some closings.
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Ugly Duckling Series— Perfect Match: episode two

Our first episode was quirky and comical, barely undercutting the sting and stigma of rejection. This show isn’t perfect but even with all it’s cute moments, it still manages to bring home some major points of acceptance, understanding and friendship, while also highlighting the limitations of people.

Juu is at her new school just beginning to enjoy her new life, but within a few hours she’s humiliated and isolated once again. Now that her face has been exposed will she have the strength to defend herself among these strangers or will she high tail it and run?

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