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Movie Moment: 2 States

I know I’m not the only one that believes every novel pinned by young Indian author Chetan Bhagat will get a movie adaption, for this will be his third completed film in five years, with another on the horizon. His latest paper to screen story is based on his autobiographical love story, 2 States: The Story of My Marriage.

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Highway: The Music

HwyPosterLike all Bollys a film’s official music launch is months before the film’s release, so audiences can get a taste and feel for the film, sometimes even before an official trailer.

Imtiaz Ali’s new project Highway hit theaters over a month ago but its music actually released a month before. However, it’s definitely true that looks can be deceiving for from the stills , I was looking for more instrumental scores and moody pieces. So color me shocked when my eardrum pops to club beats and dance mixes!

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Movie Moment: Highway

There are several factors that go into making a good film, and it usually takes just one for a consumer to walk into a theater. For me, it’s usually the story, then an actor, then filmmaker, but in the case of last month’s (Feb 21st) “on the road” release, Highway, the director is what had  me front line and center with buzzing interest.hwyposter02 Continue reading Movie Moment: Highway

Unni and the Box: Student of the Year

I share quite a few movies on this site but I rarely take the time to let you guys know my thoughts on the films once I view them. And though I’m no one’s film critic, it’s only fair to give the full picture if I can. Therefore, every now and again, I’ll release a post on a film I’ve mentioned previously(or not). These posts won’t always be long or eloquent but they will certainly give you the gist of my thoughts and feelings concerning my experience.

**These posts can also be seen listed in the film section of the site, as well as added as a linked in the original post for the corresponding film.

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Movie Moment: Student of the Year

Light, youthful films are usually slated for the summer sun but somehow, Karan Johar’s newest directorial venture premiering in the Fall, works the best with it’s sports themed premise. Can’t say I’ve been looking forward to this film but my genuine appreciation of Johar as person, makes me curious enough to give it a chance.

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