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First Look: Haider

Stills from Vishal Bhardwaj‘s take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet have been trickling out since Fall 2013 but with the halt in production, things had quieted down until today with the release of actor Shahid Kapur looking every bit the dejected, dancing on insanity, titular hero Haider.

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First Look: Satyagraha-Democracy Under Fire

I’ve said before, that social activist films aren’t my draw, but I do like films that make you want to rise up and be apart of change. And if a story is told well, minus preachy moments, it has the ability to open your eyes and tune your ears to the realities of the peoples that inhabit this planet, whether across the street or the globe.

I also apparently have a soft spot for Prakash Jha topics of interest, for yet again I’m ready to view another of his politically charged films. I’m not sure if it’s the fervor of the topic, the cast or just the overall aura of the film, but at this point, I’m not sure I really care.
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Movie Moment: Happy Friendship Day!

It’s that time again…

It’s Friendship Day today and in the days to come all around the world and I love to celebrate and treasure friendships– whether it’s a bromance, a love story or a girl thang; it’s all wonderful and worth cherishing. Therefore, I’m going to do my best for the month of August to write about a few on-screen friendships that I’ve loved (or hope to)– starting with this unlikely duo between a perpetrator and a gangster-type village leader (think: Sarkar Raj) in this month’s comedic hit Bol Bachchan.

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Movie Moment: Singham (The Lion)

Action isn’t a genre I flock to but like anyone else if I’m interested, I will watch. One thing that will always get me to take a quick peek is an actor I trust. When I read about Singham a few weeks ago felt I needed to give it a chance for the simple fact that I haven’t seen Ajay Devgn do a role like this one in quite awhile. His Golmaal franchise isn’t entirely my cup of tea, though I don’t mind a laugh here and there.

Singham on the other hand seems to be exactly what I need in this hot summer; an upright civil servant slinging up to knock down his Goliath.

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