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The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

yks_dcholiday2015-04bIf you wish upon a star, you get nothing. But if you start your k-drama watching with Yoon Kye-sang, you enter withdrawals! Yoon Kye-sang is one of the most adorable Oppas for many reasons! He is well known for his early days in the group g.o.d. Lives were shattered when he left, but hope sprang in our hearts when he decided to start acting.

While he had a humble beginning, he has starred in quite a few favorites such as: The Greatest Love, Who Are You?, and High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged. He even accomplished winning an award in 2004 for Flying Boys. Here are the stats for this oppa:  Continue reading The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

The Distractors’ Cut Special Edition: The Full Sun (BTS)

Join the afterparty with ExtraKun and me, as we celebrate the end of another drama we loved watching together. Full Sun ended last week and with it came one of the most pleasant endings to any revenge drama I’ve ever seen.

Lore In Stone Cities

Hey there! ExtraKun aka Ekun aka Eboni here with a special edition of The Distractors’ Cut! Unnichan and I have just finished The Full Sun aka Beyond the Clouds with Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye. We enjoyed it, see how much so!


Ekun: Here we are at the end of another revenge drama. I have a lot of thoughts on how I feel about the show in general, the ending, and the acting. What about you UC? Your initial thoughts now that the show has ended… Go!

Unnichan: Wow, there’s a lot there but now that it’s ended, I feel light. And think that’s so rare when you watch revenge. It’s my favorite genre of drama outside of crime and those dramas have a tendency to be very intense shows, that usually leave you mourning, hollow or both but this one, I just feel good. It wasn’t “happy”…

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D*04: Favorite (Male) Third-Wheel Character

I’m not one to be swayed by the third-leg in a romantic triangle(“thirdies”). It’s very rare that I ever entertain the second male lead in dramas and I have never admitted to have ever contracted Second Lead Syndrome(SLS). Honestly, it has always eluded me, how so many fans of my favorite dramas were toiling at their computer screens crying, wishing, hoping and praying that said heroine would fall for the idiot in the corner. Not to say that some “men in the wings” weren’t wonderful like Lee Seon Gun’s Choi Han Sung in Coffee Prince or Lee Joo Hyun’s characters in both Ja Myung Go and When It’s Night, but highly unlikely I’ve  respected many “thirdie” characters or felt they truly deserved the heroine’s romantic attentions.(Plus, in some cases they were just too good for her.)

However, I can’t say I’ve NEVER been swayed. The 3rd wheel is a hard position to be in and for me, I’ve found I’ve appreciated those characters that recognized their position in the equation early on yet handled themselves well.
D*4 Pick

D*01: Favorite Drama

It’s time to begin our drama journey and I promise it’s going to be long and hot but satisfying. I’m sure everyone has a favorite drama but like most things; colors, foods, and shoes, I can’t really tell you why we choose this or that as “favorite.” All I know is when asked “What is your favorite _________ ?” sometimes I have an answer like green or steak and other times, I don’t.

Every since I saw this drama, it’s been  my favorite, therefore I’ve found that this question was the easiest for me, so I’m extremely glad I could start the challenge with this entry. I’m not sure when I watched this drama (it came out in 2007, so not long after airing) however, it was in my early days of drama watching. At the time, I’d consumed several dramas, liked some, hated some and lost sleep over most. Then…

D*1 Pick