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Snap File: Kazoku no Katachi

We’ve all heard it said no man’s an island, two are better than one, and nobody wants to be lonely, but many live as though these sentiments are false or steeped in fantasy, rather than reality. For, in bustling cities singleness and solitary living is common and in most cases necessary and being and doing things solely or alone is the norm and expected.  But on the other hand, there is also the misconception that being alone, leads to incessant or inevitable loneliness.

However Kazoku no Katachi examines the idea that being alone doesn’t have to be true for modern singles aren’t doomed to be alone forever, whether that life includes the desire or trappings marriage or kids and loneliness has nothing to do with solitude.


Movie Moment: Bahubali

Baahubali_06I honestly don’t get the chance to write about many Telegu language films, mainly because news on releases isn’t as widely accessible and I also am not as well versed or exposed to the language or medium. However, the Southern Indian film industry produces some excellent stories and is filled with some of the best Indian actors around. Thankfully, some powers that be, have decided to branch out to create more films that appeal to international audiences and the first of many is epic war film Bahubali; which has now been coined the most expensive Indian film made (snatching the moniker from Shah Rukh Khan‘s Ra.One (2011)).  Continue reading Movie Moment: Bahubali

Movie Moment: Winter’s Tale

Everyone enjoys a good love story but as novel preference, I don’t seek out stories where romance is the most engaging element. However, there are some loves, that are transcendent, some stories that resonate no matter how many times they are told. And any story,  that takes two lovers and Fate’s intervention, then fuses it with a touch of miracle magic, deserves a hopeful glance.

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dokushin kizoku: the first two drafts

This year especially, has been disappointing on the love story or rom-com sect of Jodorama, for neither Last Cinderella or Summer Nude were for me and I find this unsettling, for Japan and love, has a tendency to resonate with me more often than any other yet, to be honest, it hasn’t really hit home in since Soredemo

Then a drama comes along that I turned on just because. Because I give courtesy to certain actors, because I liked the concept, because I had nothing to lose and now, well, because I really,really, really like it.

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Unni and the Box: 12 Years A Slave

Sometimes you see a story that traumatizes you— not because you can relate or hope to never have the privilege but because it’s real. So real, that this very fact, cripples you. One of the film’s stars, Michael Fassbender was quoted as saying, “After the screening … I went into shock for about two hours.” When I read this, I was relieved, delighted the actor’s reaction wasn’t far from my own.

And that shock is one, I pray to carry always, as a permanent fixture on my brain. I never want to move beyond the sheer horror this film evokes or the isolation it manifests, for though this isn’t my story, or my journey, it reminds that as much as any man is free today, he could be bound tomorrow.

***If you haven’t seen the film, I suggest you do so, for though the thoughts below are light on significant spoiler, the rapture of this film is found through experience.

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