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scene stripped: Love Rain 14

There are tons of of dramas out right now and there are quite a few that I am watching, however, one can’t watch them all, plus, most aren’t entertaining enough to keep me coming back (every week). Love Rain is one of those dramas (I’ve only seen 4 random episodes). So it was to my great surprise when I peeked at episode 14, and was taken by a scene that delighted me so much I wanted to write about it. And I enjoyed doing my last scene stripped post so much that I think I might do many more.

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D*04: Favorite (Male) Third-Wheel Character

I’m not one to be swayed by the third-leg in a romantic triangle(“thirdies”). It’s very rare that I ever entertain the second male lead in dramas and I have never admitted to have ever contracted Second Lead Syndrome(SLS). Honestly, it has always eluded me, how so many fans of my favorite dramas were toiling at their computer screens crying, wishing, hoping and praying that said heroine would fall for the idiot in the corner. Not to say that some “men in the wings” weren’t wonderful like Lee Seon Gun’s Choi Han Sung in Coffee Prince or Lee Joo Hyun’s characters in both Ja Myung Go and When It’s Night, but highly unlikely I’ve  respected many “thirdie” characters or felt they truly deserved the heroine’s romantic attentions.(Plus, in some cases they were just too good for her.)

However, I can’t say I’ve NEVER been swayed. The 3rd wheel is a hard position to be in and for me, I’ve found I’ve appreciated those characters that recognized their position in the equation early on yet handled themselves well.
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