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Drama Drench 2012: Summer Love

It’s pouring (again), and if you’re like me, you like to get wet a little bit but it’s always nice to be able to decide how and when. With that in mind, I’m handing you some provision, whether its boots, a coat or an umbrella… take your pick from the list below and use as you please.

*Thoughts complied after two episodes of viewing. However, my final thoughts are always reserved until the 3rd week of airing (or 5th ep).

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Scent of a Woman: The First 6

[This poster is just too magnetic isn’t it? It looks as if this is an official still of someone’s wedding. These two are that believable together. I’m in awe each time I see it.]

When I found out that Lee Dong Wook was completing his military service and directly filming a drama–with Kim Sun Ah, I clapped like a seal and giggled like a hyena—for days. I can’t say, I was sitting around waiting for his return but I definitely missed him. Now that Scent of a Woman has hit my mark, I have plenty to say and tons to share so let’s get started.

Scent in 6

July Jam(med) Session–additions and updates

As promised a couple dramas have cropped up you may be interested in so I’ve lifted a couple dramas from my previous post and added a couple new ones with their trailers. I also popped in a couple stills from the first episode Eric’s new spy rom-com, Spy Myung Wol.

Sunshine Angel starring Wu Zun and Rainie Yang also aired this week in China. I won’t be posting it here but feel free to check out news or updates about it r here.


July Jam(med) Session

After May Madness, July is jamming us with another truckload of prospective dramas, that seem worthy of  a peek or two. There are several dramas being announced or airing before the month is over and you need to be armed with a little info to keep track of them all. Preferably, they’re all major hits but I’m hoping (for me) there will be more that will fall by the wayside much like May.

Here’s a look at the dramas coming our way. Decide for yourself what whets your appetite, ’cause I’ve already chosen mine!

How will you spend July?