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First Look: Khoobsurat

And what summer would be complete without a family friendly rom-com that is both delightful and heartfelt? The new Sonam Kapoor starrer, Khoobsurat [translated: Beautiful] is readying for its premiere in just under a month and decided to make our week khoobbsurat as well, with a trailer launch, its final posters and a its look at the cast.

The film is a Kapoor home production, co-produced with Disney, a remake of the 1980 film, by the same name, and is touted as a family affair; about a fun loving young girl who travels to stay with extended family friends and infects them with… well happiness.

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More Raanjhanaa: The Music

As you know, I don’t usually pimp music but recently, the latest video for Aanand Rai’s Raanjhanaa was released and it featured none other than Abhay Deol! Thankfully, I don’t have to contain my excitement and can unabashedly share, for the song isn’t that bad either. His character poster came out close to a month ago but till now, I haven’t had much of an excuse to utilize it— glad I finally got that chance.

The quote above was made by Nobel Prize winner, diplomat and poet Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, who was best known by his alias, Pablo Neruda. Not sure how much Neruda’s views play into the concept behind Deol’s characterization, but Neruda was widely known as a key player in the Chilean Communist Party, of which he was a senator, until his exile in 1948.

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First Look: Raanjhanaa

Is it possible to be excited about a film you know nothing about? Absolutely! — at least in my case. And at times, I prefer it that way. With every new project, my initial interest is usually based on the actors involved or the story of origin. Therefore, Anand Rai’s new film, Raanjhanaa, has always been on my “watch” list. For it stars three actors that I must see as often as I possibly can: Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush, withAbhay Deol in a short cameo role.

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Movie Moment: Mausam

In my opinion epic love stories are hard to come by. Many films and dramas carry the tagline and though we may get drawn into the story, “epic” doesn’t quite fit. I think I’ve only seen as many as I have fingers and even then, I can’t say I actually liked them all. Mausam, however doesn’t bill itself as “epic” but rather “timeless” and I have to admit, it really does look promising. MM:Mausam (2011)