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Hirugao: Episode 2

Escape. There are times we all want to retreat or disappear or just plain walk away. It would be nice sometimes, if it were possible, but I don’t believe many of us want to make the choice in finality, but in more minute ways. So we watch dramas and read, sit on sandy beaches or take long walks and breaks in coffee shops.

In episode one, a fire occurs and in many ways, while fire destroys, it also purifies and may create a chance at rebooting or renewing things lost. This idea appeals to Sawa, for she’s ready for something different; a change that sparks something afresh in her. However, Rikako poses the idea that you don’t have to burn anything down, rather, why not escape in a living breathing person? Continue reading Hirugao: Episode 2

Hirugao: Episode 1

Japan always seems to produce dramas that are dark and jaded and perhaps, that’s why I always seem to gravitate toward them. They have a melancholy quality that feels closer to reality without being bogged down by sappy sob stories or tales of whimsy gone awry.
In most cases, I can identify with the aspect or view of the world their drama reflects, in ways that isn’t true in most other areas of the world outside perhaps France, Sweden or Britain.

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Itsuka no Ataru Basho de : episode two

After this first episode, I’d decided to leave it as just a “first” episode recap but after I saw the special aired on April 1st I decided to pick it back up. These ladies’ journey is one that I don’t mind experiencing and perhaps we can learn a few things about growth, strength and new beginnings.

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Itsuka no Ataru Basho de: episode one

With dramas premiering every five seconds, there are some that fly under my personal radar. Mostly because, the brain is filled with too much distraction. But right on the cusp of the Spring season I ran across this drama by Takahashi Maki (Fuyu no Sakura, My Girl) based on a series of novels by Nonami Asa. The premise immediately intrigued me— Two ex-convicts who become friends in jail and once released rely on another to try to rebuild their lives.

And since, my Heartless City partner is off vacationing and then readjusting to non-vacation duties— (Have fun Ripgal! Eat some delicious goodies for me!) I thought I’d share a taste of this drama while those posts are on a mini preemption.

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