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Day*01 Revisited: Favorite Drama

As I’m sure you noticed, I’ve taken a hiatus from the challenge (and the site), though it was purposeful, it definitely wasn’t meant to be this long. Therefore, I’m glad to be back in the swing of sorts. Going through the challenge, however, I’ve had to really think through my choices and make some hard decisions. There are so many dramas and characters especially, that I’ve just loved and having to make definitive choices is just plain hard.

If you’ve noticed at the end of some of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned a “runner-up” or a “nomination” for that day. Those dramas or characters were close seconds or worthy of their own moment in the spotlight so I plan on revisiting some days (perhaps all) to shine a little light on them as well. These posts won’t be nearly as long and won’t be as consistent as the challenge. But anytime I need a little extra time to give more thought to the current day, I may drop in a “Revisited” post as a filler.


Day*11(.1): Favorite Dialogue

Characters get to say some great things, which we have discovered over previous days in the challenge, from the entire cast. Even the evil stank-eyed second lead usually gets one or two lines that are spot on. However, entire chunks of dialogue are harder to come by. I think for every drama I’ve seen, I could point to an episode or a scene and say, that was the best or jot down a line or two from characters, because it hit the right note in that moment, for that character, for that story.

So, I’ve decided to segment my favorite dialogues to draw attention to that fact. Hope you enjoy!

D*11: Cutest Acceptance Dialogue

D*10: Favroite Line/s of Female Third-Wheel Character

“I just like my life right now. That’s why I’m single.”

Friendships are forged any number of ways, for ten billion reasons, whether you met a kid your first day at ballet practice, a cool girl while getting your oil changed or a funny lady in the ladies’ room, what counts is the bond that is created after that point. Once a relationship begins, it’s difficult to gauge how long it may last but rather simple to analyze the depth of it’s significance. Friends are hard to come by, but true substantial friends are downright exiguous.

I’m not a man, therefore, I don’t know what they may look for in a mate but for me, as a woman, I’m looking for two things: a friend that will tell me when my breath stinks or my breasts look to big or saggy in a blouse and someone who listens to me rant, waits for me to ask, then helps me solve the problem. However, the highlight of a great friend isn’t always their sound advice or their heeding ear but their own personal thirst for knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

My “FFTWD” is the best of both worlds, knowledgeable, full of wisdom and encouragement yet incessantly inquisitive and examining, daring to say the incorrect things or beleaguer the taboo questions. These women reflect the woman I am, the women I know, and encompass the woman we all aspire to remain.

D*10 Pick

D*09: Favorite Line/s of a Male Third-Wheel Character

“The one I trust, is you…”

The next two days are relatively thematic for me, for I chose characters that worked or played off of one another in the “third -wheel” position. This gives me the opportunity to show some love to my favorite secondary characters and most especially to one of my favorite characters of 2010!

The lines of character really are, on most counts, equal to the actions of a character but when you have a silent heroic character with the foil of a loquacious busybody, it’s even better. For when either of these characters make a profound statement, you are left stunned and elated. Also, perhaps, it’s the era  that makes characters prone to be eloquent and jarring but every period piece I watch has the youngsters saying the darndest things.

I personally renamed this entry, “Third-Wheel Character Duo” because both these guys were both “thirdies” in their own right and though they don’t have a romantic pairing(necessarily), definitely worked best when together. These characters were the hottest pair on television last year, and a part of the most anticipated fusion sageuk,  sending the effect of the “bromance” through the roof! Now to be honest, there’s nothing like a bromance. I do love a good love story but there is always something fresh and new, yet timeless about friends who genuinely love one another.

D*9 Pick

D*08: Favorite Line/s from a Female Lead

“I’ll say I am happy now. Because this is not the terminal end of my time. So we cannot say, now is the terminal end of our happiness.”

Like I said in my previous post, characters are written to say all the things we want to say but mostly, everything that we are thinking. There are times that we feel things or experience situations and we aren’t quite sure how to express want we really want or need. At times like those, a great book or drama comes in handy to help us search our own hearts and minds to clarify our thoughts.

I’m not sure there are a plethora of female characters that have done this for me, I can only say I’ve experienced a small few. But out of those women, I chose one; a woman that was extremely introspective and genuine, yet reminded me of myself (in her thinking). She asked questions I’ve wanted to ask and thought things I’ve thought in the past. She also brought up new topics I’ve never even broached. Through her monologues, I was able to not only understand her but to think along with her, like her and about her recognizing how we related as a women learning, growing and changing. And in the end, I was rejoicing as she embraced the life she had, choosing to love it and live it well.

D*8 Pick