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First Look: Dhoom:3 The Blast

With Krrish 3 premiering this week, it’s gotten all of my attention and I’ve barely mentioned (but in a random post) that the Dhoom franchise is releasing its triple threat, for the holidays. The film has been thrown around for so long, that I was concerned it may never happen, for the big names touted never seemed to have the time. But finally, at the beginning of this year, a date was set and the villain secured and now only weeks after it’s teaser previewed with Shuddh Desi Romance, the official trailer zoomed in two hours ago in IMAX format (6pm MST). Continue reading First Look: Dhoom:3 The Blast

Happy Friendship Day 2013!!!


Happy Friendship Day everyone! Well, the official day was Aug 4th but here it’s a month wide celebration, so who cares if I’m fashionably (a month) late. And as usual I have some friendshipy things to share.

In the world of film and drama, people actually do live normal lives and form real-life bonds and friendships. Last summer, Abhishek Bachchan (Raavan, Guru) helped launched his buddy and Dhoom series co-star Uday Chopra‘s (Neal and Nicky, Mohabbatein) new graphic novel venture Yomics. And though I’ve had this post waiting in my queue since then, I’m glad I waited to share, so I could take the opportunity to not only highlight these childhood besties, but also the movie teaser for one of the birth stories Chopra has adapted into graphic novel format, which also happens to be their upcoming film, the third installment in the Dhoom franchise, Dhoom 3.

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Movie Moment: Talaash


Some films blip your radar before filming begins and the anticipation is so high, that the product seems to take eons to come to fruition, others you have the fortune of finding out about only months before the release, yet have the same effect, Talaash has been that for me. Not necessarily because the film will be something new but more that it’s an opportunity to see some familiar faces on-screen in a film that reads rather interesting. Can’t say I’m in a serious brooding cinema mood but for some talents, missing their performances simply isn’t an option.

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Movie Moment: Summer 2011

I’m not sure about you, but it seems that in the summer I find more time to check out films and actually get off my couch to go to the theater to see them. This summer hasn’t been that different either for I’ve already seen two in the past month making my 2011 movie total a whopping: 4!

To tell the truth, I don’t watch a lot of Western films so it’s a little harder for me to find films I’m actually interested in, hence the small number but I’ve seen a couple and want to see a few more, and felt the need share them here.

Summer 2011 Pt. 1