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Snap File: Kazoku no Katachi

We’ve all heard it said no man’s an island, two are better than one, and nobody wants to be lonely, but many live as though these sentiments are false or steeped in fantasy, rather than reality. For, in bustling cities singleness and solitary living is common and in most cases necessary and being and doing things solely or alone is the norm and expected.  But on the other hand, there is also the misconception that being alone, leads to incessant or inevitable loneliness.

However Kazoku no Katachi examines the idea that being alone doesn’t have to be true for modern singles aren’t doomed to be alone forever, whether that life includes the desire or trappings marriage or kids and loneliness has nothing to do with solitude.


Rec of the Week: ATARU

Now this is a special I can understand! It was announced late last week that Spring ratings topper ATARU, will get it’s own “special” in 2013. Unlike other “special” announcements, this one actually makes sense, for the ratings are a big guarantee that audiences want to see this cast again. And, thankfully, the entire wacky crew will be back together.

To be honest, I would definitely appreciate an entire new season, but I suppose one has to make do with what she’s given.

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Soredemo, Ikite Yuku: Episode 6

Ah! This paper crane did a lot of damage this episode, though we all knew it was inevitable. For, no one ever said that this drama was happy, nor is that the criterion of life in this world, rather, these characters are seeking peace and that comes with more bumps and scrapes, than smiles and hugs. Therefore, relationships are torn apart, perhaps indefinitely by revelation and distrust, as secrets come to light, that send Hiroki and Futaba reeling and even more introspective— though I wasn’t sure that was even possible.

SIY: ep 6

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku: Episode 5

What I appreciate about SIY is that is doesn’t try to speed along or force anything from its characters. It gives each character the opportunity to speak their peace and in it’s own gentle way offers them forgiveness for their misgivings, wrong thinking or selfishness. This drama doesn’t make you hate anyone outright nor does it blame its characters for their feelings, but rather, gives them the opportunity to become aware of other alternatives to their actions and ways to redeem themselves, without leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the audience. Not every character is likeable but each personality has their own story to tell and emotional battle to endure. At times, it’s hard to watch and most times it seems unfair, but if there’s one thing this drama seems to draw from quite well is the knowledge that Life and therefore, living is far from fair.

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Rec of the Week: Summer Jodoramas

What I love about Jodorama is the brief reprieve we get from dramas, given they’re regulated per season. With Korean dramas, swarming your brain like flies at a picnic, it’s comforting to know that if one batch of J-dramas don’t garner much intrigue, there’s hope for the following season.

For me, the first half of the year, was sprinkled with enjoyable dramas and luckily the latter half seems to be traveling the same beaten path.

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