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Grateful Post #2: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

hny201401It’s the new year and I love it already! I’ve spent this first couple weeks vacationing then recouping from vacation and it’s all been (reel) drama filled but (real) drama free. And though I wish the entire year could be just like today, I know that won’t happen, for there are plenty ways to improve on the bliss I feel at this moment.

Last year was filled with many wonderful things, and I’m hoping this year will bring even more. That got me thinking about how thankful I am last year ended so well with promising dramas and a trend of satisfying offerings.

So when I stumbled across Drama Debussie‘s Be Honest Quiz, it reminded me, I never got around to posting the remainder of my Liebster questions, therefore I’ve combined them. What better way to start off the year, than to reflect on the reasons I started and continue blogging! Plus, you get a bit more insight to how I view and understand characters and drama.

*** There are a couple question overlaps which I will indicate respectively below.


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K-Drama Review 2012: the Best, the Worst and all those liked in-between

Ok so the new year has begun, but this is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit down and collect the small amount of thoughts I had about the dramas I actually watched in entirety this past year. I’ve never done a review on the site mainly because I don’t dish out numbers to dramas cause I feel it’s too confining. Those numbers actually mean nothing to me in the long run and my reasons for a number rating, vary from story to story, drama to drama.
If you’ve spent anytime on this site, you also know I’m kinda all inclusive. Sure personally, I may refer to something as crap but I’m very reluctant to make those comments online for the sheer fact that there’s always something to like about a project, even if I don’t or refuse to see it.

***WARNING: Post may contain unintentional(or intentional) spoilers. ***

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Drama Review 2012: Ost Tracks


Here we are. It’s almost over, 2012. Around this time, it’s usually pretty easy to pinpoint my favorites and my dislikes, especially in the area of music. Drama soundtracks aren’t hard to decipher and I’m prone to gravitate toward sageuks. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough of those this year to render an opinion. But, like every drama lover, there are some tracks that I’ve loved this year, hated, and should have disliked on principle but couldn’t get out of my head.

Everyone loves a good OST, for it gives you the chance to collect songs without commitment and well, I like anything that gets me out of the “c” word. And the great thing about an OST is that it doesn’t have to reflect the greatness or success of a drama, it can gladly become a separate entity, evoking a type of freedom from it’s origin or source.  Music was my first love but as time passes my interest in anything new dwindles, which stems from a professional criticism and strict interpretation of what makes the art “good.” At best, drama OSTs are cheesy, manufactured, overused and high-volumed, knife-point produced pieces but that doesn’t stop me from timing the next insertion or patiently waiting through the previews to trill along to the opening theme song or negate the talent the shines through each bar or riff.

So, since I’m a big procrastinator and music is the best way to ease myself into drama review mode, I thought I’d share.

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Drama Drench 2012: Wild Romance- The 7th Inning Stretch

Yep,  it’s still raining. And I have a feeling the rain won’t stop for awhile but I’m glad it’s more like a summer monsoon than a fall hurricane, for I’m not at all reluctant to get soaked to the bone. The majority of our starter dramas have either hit their midpoint or just surpassed it, so it’s prime-time for some basic reflection. For those of us loving this drama, this should bring a little solace until Weds. arrives.

*This post really should be an Open Mic post because I really just let loose in this one… Hope you can stand all the chatter.

WR:7th Inning