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K-Drama Review 2012: the Best, the Worst and all those liked in-between

Ok so the new year has begun, but this is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit down and collect the small amount of thoughts I had about the dramas I actually watched in entirety this past year. I’ve never done a review on the site mainly because I don’t dish out numbers to dramas cause I feel it’s too confining. Those numbers actually mean nothing to me in the long run and my reasons for a number rating, vary from story to story, drama to drama.
If you’ve spent anytime on this site, you also know I’m kinda all inclusive. Sure personally, I may refer to something as crap but I’m very reluctant to make those comments online for the sheer fact that there’s always something to like about a project, even if I don’t or refuse to see it.

***WARNING: Post may contain unintentional(or intentional) spoilers. ***

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scene stripped: 3 BIG moments

We’re on the home stretch for BIG and there are plenty of theories circulating but I try to stay away from spoilers when I’m writing, needless to say, it’s been a very loooong weekend.  However, so far, I’ve been pretty spot on with the journey of this drama and though that normally annoys me, with this drama it’s unusually comforted and endeared me more to the story and the Hong Sisters vision. That’s probably why I’ve shied away from speaking about this drama for the majority of it’s run, for theories are just that and I wanted to enjoy it and bask in the greatness without having my views scrutinized by the opinions of others.

But now, with the drama ending, it’s a great opportunity to get some more of my thoughts out there, just because my love for this drama is that big.
ss:BIG 3

scene stripped: BIG 10

At present, BIG is shaping up to be my favorite Korean drama of 2012 to date. Thankfully, though I can only count the number of K-dramas I’ve sincerely liked this year from beginning to end on about two fingers, I’m reasonably pleased with what is airing (and I’m invested in) currently. This drama wasn’t what I initially anticipated but it has surpassed my expectations in many other ways, therefore, overall, I can’t complain.

The drama is nearing the end and though I will be loathed to see it go, I am grateful that we are finally getting some emotional strides and confessions from all the right places. However, we wouldn’t be there, without great moments like this one. Episode 10 was full of OTP greatness but there were two scenes that specifically shined and I couldn’t not gab about them.

ss:BIG 10

Drama Drench 2012: Summer Love

It’s pouring (again), and if you’re like me, you like to get wet a little bit but it’s always nice to be able to decide how and when. With that in mind, I’m handing you some provision, whether its boots, a coat or an umbrella… take your pick from the list below and use as you please.

*Thoughts complied after two episodes of viewing. However, my final thoughts are always reserved until the 3rd week of airing (or 5th ep).

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