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First Look: Satyagraha-Democracy Under Fire

I’ve said before, that social activist films aren’t my draw, but I do like films that make you want to rise up and be apart of change. And if a story is told well, minus preachy moments, it has the ability to open your eyes and tune your ears to the realities of the peoples that inhabit this planet, whether across the street or the globe.

I also apparently have a soft spot for Prakash Jha topics of interest, for yet again I’m ready to view another of his politically charged films. I’m not sure if it’s the fervor of the topic, the cast or just the overall aura of the film, but at this point, I’m not sure I really care.
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Movie Moment: Inkaar

Sexual harassment. How does one ascertain the guilty party? Is it always one-sided? Inkaar plans to explore the rules of this very hot and rather taboo topic. For what are the rules in office romances? Is flirting ever innocent whilst in a working environment? And then there’s always the age old question; how far is too far?

Director of last year’s inside scoop on the life of Bollywood starlet, Heroine, Manoj Tyagi (Jail 2009, Corporate, 2006), is back with another voyeuristic look inside a lucrative profession.

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Movie Moment: Chakravuyh

Social and politically charged films aren’t my forte, in that I usually find them preachy and agenda driven, more than fleshing out an issue through concrete individuals, with conviction, conscience and consequence. Thankfully, Chakravyuh doesn’t give off this vibe but rather, it seems that Prakash Jha had a topic he wanted to explore and a story he wanted to tell, then endeavored to use dynamic characters to help us travel through the pages of his mind.

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Movie Moment: Ra.One

Superheroes are all the rage right now. Almost every comic ever made is being remade and every hero we thought we knew is getting some new sheen, therefore, it’s no surprise at all, that other cultures that don’t necessary have their own specific superheroes are trying to grab onto the fair. Indian cinema isn’t known for superheroes, but over the past few years, characters have cropped up like Krrish and Drona that have drawn on this “superhero” idea. Though I still haven’t gotten around to see Drona, Krrish was a superb film about the birth of a hero. Krrish 2 is slated for a 2012 release, which will round out into a full-fledged trilogy franchise, but until then, we have another addition to heroic epics, Red Chillies Entertainment’s Ra. One. Continue reading Movie Moment: Ra.One