From the Cruel City to Cool And Country

Beautiful people, have a tendency to look beautiful in front of any camera, therefore, when drama couples get together for photo-shoots, I rarely bat an eye. But something about this pair, in this setting, stopped me short, for not only are they smoldering, in their new drama Heartless City, but they are equally adorable here, as young, spunky picnickers. The contrast palette of a rustic and worn but chic summer, against the staunch and steamy hues of their upcoming drama, makes no difference between these two.

Jung Kyung-ho (Sweet 18, Ja Myung Go) returned from military service just about as quiet as he left, with nothing but a whisper since his return, therefore, the promise of him back on the small screen makes me warm inside, regardless of the grunts I released when Nam Gyu-ri (Life is Beautiful, 49 Days) signed on as his co-star. Jung has always been a favorite of mine and though on paper this new venture springs to mind a bastard gender reversal of TIme Between Dog and Wolf, the reality of him as the anti-hero/drug lord, I relish to see in action. And my apprehension dawdles somewhere between curiosity and anxiety, being cable has a tendency to gleefully surprise.

Nam is definitely the weakest link, but I can’t say I hate the girl, for I truly believe she was phenomenal in her small stint as the cheating harlot in Oolala Couple last year. She surprised me to no end with her haughty, smug attitude, that I viewed the scene, mouth delightfully agape— just hoping it wasn’t some weird fluke or something.

Luckily, I’m sold on the Jung-Nam coupling, and whether they are rolling around in the bed or frolicking in the grass, their chemistry fires, on many levels, which may be enough to distract me from Nam. For, she and Jung are reminiscent of the heady chemistry between she and Hyun Jae, that 49 Days barely tapped. With that in mind, I look forward to a luscious chunk of forbidden love from them over the next few weeks.


However, after this shoot, I can’t help but wish instead, for a frothy flirty rom-com with these two bathing in the summer sun somewhere between Jung’s adorkable role in Smile and the outlandish hilarity of Haeundae Lovers (that Nam’s character was never privy to). Maybe next time?

Heartless City roles in this Monday, May 27th on JTBC

stills courtesy of Newsen

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