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The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 18

An actor I greatly respect once said that every story has a passage, moment, a frame, a sequence, an episode, that encompasses the whole of what a writer/director sets out to depict or express—- and ever since I heard that statement, I can’t help but find that point in almost everything I watch. Unfortunately, when it comes to dramas, once I get that moment, I’m no longer interested in seeing the(ir) ending, for I don’t believe there’s any more to be said and the point has been made.

Heirs has meandered its way into being a drama that won’t be on the top of my list, but also wasn’t as badly comical as Ekun and I had envisioned. It’s been pleasant but taxing and with two episodes left we are both elated it’s coming to an official close. But, if I were to mark the journey, I could walk away and never look back, after this episode and the shot above.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 17

We all knew it would happen but I think we wish it hadn’t happened quite the way it did. Eun-sang’s departure was inevitable but her “disappearance” didn’t actually have to occur. It’s a concept that I don’t appreciate from this writer, however, perhaps our best consolation is that through her exit our main leads will not only seek to find her, but also find a way to learn more about themselves and what they are capable of, not only individually but together.

Tan’s heartbreak this episode proves several things that were apparent from the start— for because his love was great, because he gave so much, he now feels as if he’s lost everything. But with that, I can’t help but be reminded that brokenness is a byproduct of loving therefore, sustaining love demands that brokenness be overcome and conquered.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 14

We don’t have long to go but  it feels as if the “real” story has just begun… I’ve never been one to desire more episodes from a show, especially one that show isn’t that good to begin with— but Heirs is somehow such an odd experience, whereby, though logically it would never benefit from more than 20 episodes, it’s at a place in it’s narrative where there’s little chance at this point that everything we desire to see or need to know will be covered by the end of the series.

Therefore, I suppose this is a juncture where you determine to trust the creator and their vision, which for me usually isn’t an issue. The only problem is—- I’ve also seen Lovers in ParisSecret Garden and A Gentlemen’s Dignity.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 13

Heirs continues to move and flesh out its characters, which I’m sure we all can’t be more grateful for. What I’ve grown to enjoy more than anything is the minor characters that have grabbed my attention much more than the love story or the non-love triangle.

However, what makes this drama interesting isn’t necessarily how it will end, but how much its characters will grow and stay the same. Tan and Eun-sang have a long, tiring battle ahead but this isn’t a drama about two kids trying to make it alone or even about debunking the system, it’s about finding a dream, believing in it and doing all you can to create in your reality a comfortable place for that dream to flourish and sustain.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 10

Just when we thought Hell was about to burst wide open, the Devil is sidetracked by exams and camping trips. Rachel and Tan remain financial human  sacrifices, as she tries to pull a fast one. And a round of paintball proves you don’t have to be an heir to be a tragic romantic hero.

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