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nagareboshi: episode ten (final)

Finales are usually hard to watch. The most logical and probably selfishly basic reason is, they rarely, if ever, end the way you envision, desire, or are even led to believe. I’m not one that needs a “happily ever after” but I always need an ending that makes sense. Love stories need to end cohesively, whether the couple remains together, separates or is open-ended. But regardless, if you’ve grown to love characters and relished the opportunity to see them live, laugh and love, the ending is a parting. Therefore, no matter what type of person or story lover you are, romantic or realistic, parting has to feel like a resolution. Whether it resolves some things, rekindles many things, or removes all things, once we part, there has to be a reason for the journey.

[Typically, during a recap I take about 100-150 screencaps,but in this episode I took over 200! So since I got a little snap happy, for the finale, I thought I’d jam in as many as  I could to this final recap. Be prepared for a snapped recap! Enjoy :)]


nagareboshi: episode nine

This episode definitely was a long time coming. I apologize for the delay, but we’ve had a few weather issues over here and I’ve been without power and net for a couple days. I truly wanted to have this out days ago. Oh, well…

It’s the penultimate episode, wrought with all the things we need to make us crack a couple coconuts and smear ourselves with ash waiting for the finale.

[**edit R,R & R has been added. I have decided that I will do a Open Mic post about this drama once the finale recap is released. I know there are alot of things that I don’t mention in my R, R, & R section and plenty of things you may want to comment on. So please use the comments sections at the end of the recaps to display any desire to cover things that perhaps I forgot or you just want to discuss and I’ll cover those things in my OMS. Thanks and enjoy :)]


nagareboshi: episode eight

I’ve been feeling a little sentimental this week. I blame it wholly on my constant replay of Adele’s 21 album and her amazing and hauntingly emotional final track “Someone Like You” (Thanks Adele 😐 ). With the album playing as I was finishing up this recap, it got me thinking that we’re so close to the end. It’s bittersweet in that I’ll be completing my first recapping venture but also that I’ll have to say goodbye to these characters. And to be honest, I hate to even think about it.

There are some great dramas out there, but the majority are great in the moment, blooming on the high of it’s airing and only work for that moment in time in your drama viewing life. But when you find a drama that holds up to rewatch, like your favorite novel, it springs alive and tells you something new, it hid away from you or reemphasizes with fervent clarity what you learned initially. This drama is definitely that type of story. Each episode I watch, I add one more example to my list of what makes this drama marvelous. We’ve got two more episodes to go but what grabs me each time is the characters feel so real, I truly want to peek in on their lives, for the rest of mine.


nagareboshi: episode seven

Facial expressions in dramas are supposed to convey to us a myriad of emotions. Good actors prove this but excellent actors embody it. Shedding the majority of yourself and becoming a character and being nuanced enough to always be aware that an audience is watching takes true skill. For in life, we experience things and we express ourselves but it’s rare that everything you are feeling at any given moment is written all over you face. However, for an actor, this has to be the case. Characters only come to life when we see them being human; happy, sad, elated, conflicted, furious and listless; but more so when these emotions are layered to the point one or two shine through and four or five are remain hidden. The audience picks up on that eventhough we can’t always pinpoint it.

I absolutely love Takenouchi Yutaka as an actor and for me, this role was one of his best. He plays Okada Kengo with such heart that you can’t help but fall in love with him. He’s unpretentious and generous, simple, honest and humble. And yes, he’s plainly just a nice guy but he’s not a pushover. But, the best thing is, he’s always just man; a man that thinks before he speaks, not only of himself but of you.

Nagareboshi like alot of dramas, whether purposeful or not, has episodic character highlights. Last episode was all about Ryota, while the previous was Maria and now we have Kengo. Ah. Kengo. If you aren’t in love with him already, this episode will topple you into the deep end.

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