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Highway: The Music

HwyPosterLike all Bollys a film’s official music launch is months before the film’s release, so audiences can get a taste and feel for the film, sometimes even before an official trailer.

Imtiaz Ali’s new project Highway hit theaters over a month ago but its music actually released a month before. However, it’s definitely true that looks can be deceiving for from the stills , I was looking for more instrumental scores and moody pieces. So color me shocked when my eardrum pops to club beats and dance mixes!

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Movie Moment: Highway

There are several factors that go into making a good film, and it usually takes just one for a consumer to walk into a theater. For me, it’s usually the story, then an actor, then filmmaker, but in the case of last month’s (Feb 21st) “on the road” release, Highway, the director is what had  me front line and center with buzzing interest.hwyposter02 Continue reading Movie Moment: Highway

Movie Moment: Bombay Talkies

Indie films are something altogether different from the mainstream, much like the new crop of YouTube or Internet based series, in that, there’s a freedom and raw quality to the work. Doesn’t mean what is produced isn’t quality material, in substance, performance or production but that “the Man” isn’t looming and curtailing each movement. However, there’s also that tiny vein running between both entities that some projects find a way to tap into, where the audience gets the best of both worlds— and this year for Indian cinema, Bombay Talkies snags the first spot in line.

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Movie Moment: 3 Female Centric Films

One of the worst things about being an actor is fame. Being famous places expectations on a person to the point that performance becomes an albatross more than an ambition and talent, regaled in trepidation. Not every actor hits a lull in their career but every performer experiences a rebirth of sorts, whether personally intentional, or a travail of the trade.
The three women below have made this journey and here’s hoping their respective films keep them flying high, regardless of their past, relishing in accolades for years to come. MM:3FF