Distractors’ Cut: Kill Me, Heal Me Edition


As promised, Ekun and I are back with another mental health drama discussion. With our opinion of Hyde, Jekyll and Me fairly placid, our intake of its competitor is the complete opposite. Comparisons are drawn immediately due to their premise and prognosis, but you won’t find any of that in this post. For now, we seek only to share our thoughts and impression of the highly popular and outrageously addicting Kill Me, Heal Me.

Originally posted on Lore In Stone Cities:

Kill Me, Heal Me is on the top of the list of things that will kill me… if not my obsession with Bacon! There are so many different things that I love about this show… though it is already 6 episodes in, and we are in week 4 (episodes 7-8), I had to call on Unnichan to share in my fangirling, thinking, and rants about the show. Is anyone else out there totally obsessed with Shin Se Gi the show? Let’s all discuss:

Synopsis in the brief:

Do Hyun (Ji Sung) has dissociative identity disorder aka DID… you can imagine how this can cause him a lot of problems.


Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) is a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist, who seems to have a past with Do Hyun– along with her “twin brother” Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon).


When Do Hyun’s aggressive personality, Shin Se Gi, puts…

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The Distractors’ Cut Roundtable Edition: Hyde, Jekyll and Me

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the two biggest mental health dramas of the Winter 2015 season, look no farther, because your local Distractors have got you covered. For, there is nothing like a little assurance, in Dramaland and we have no problem deducting the stress of your mental health check-in.

This time around Ekun and her blog partner over at Stone Cities, Lore, the always amazing Drama Debussie, and I, discuss Hyun Bin‘s first drama since military service, Hyde, Jekyll and Me, co-starring his The Fatal Encounter actress, Ha Ji-min, who is notorious for being rather cold and having little spark with co-stars. The trend continues here, however, the lack of sizzle has just as much to do with the written personalities as their actors’ interpretation.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Bad Guys 3-4


Bad Guys is shaping up to be the type of drama that not only holds a few things back but grapples cases that may not be “ripped from the headlines,” yet never get old or worth the exploration. It opened with an illusive serial killer, (who wasn’t as guilty as expected) and stepped into a ring of organ traffickers, culminating in a lucrative trafficking business run by a convicted pimpstress.

Human trafficking is very real and formidable, and here, was treated as the well-known minacious practice it is, without abating or distending —though perhaps, milking a teachable opportunity for the rehabilitation of our boys. The thing that keeps me loving this drama is my supreme addiction to “bad men,” for they always fascinate and attract me. Men that aren’t reckless or unruly boys, with hot tempers and rebellious dispositions, but grown men, conscious and culpable of their actions, who have made choices counter to culture, with minds and motivations hardened through their experiences and jaded by their circumstances.

Drama, for now, may not delve as dark or deliberate as it could (or I’d like), but deliciously, explores four such men; peering through the looking glass. And while I don’t think this story essays to be a veritable rediscovery of the human penchant or desire for “goodness” or justifiable redemption and reformation [Thanks drama gods ;)], it certainly tackles the individual’s bout with personal conviction.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Bad Guys 1-2

Every year there are a hand full of dramas that are highly anticipated but even less that live up to that fervor. However, OCN is certainly making their mark for creating high caliber crime dramas with provocative characters with just enough darkness and intensity.

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