The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa



This Oppa is the perfect man to end 2015 with because he is the Oppa I have seen the most of this year. He chose to lead two consecutive long running sageuks and that fact alone should prove that this man loves his job! His passion for what he does and his outlook on his work is impressive. Just about as much as his dedication to his family and loyalty to his tight-knit set of friends. He’s an actor that believes that doing your best from opportunity to opportunity is the best form of doing well.

In a recent interview, when asked about what he’d do “next,” referring to something after acting, he admits that has never thought of doing anything else, but he is always thinking of what is next. For he sees being an actor as being a freelancer, therefore, he needs to constantly be aware of how he presents himself from project to project so that people will desire to work with him again— “That’s the only way I get ‘next.'” Continue reading The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

jisung_dcholiday2015-01Actors become renowned for many reasons but for most actors it’s that one role, that one film, that one thing they did, that one time, that sticks to them for the remainder of their career and while those things aren’t always good, this next Oppa has certainly found a way to be better. 

After wrapping pretty much the best drama of 2015 earlier this year, he set out in preparation for the summer birth of his first child and an unprecedented solo concert in lieu of a traditional fan meeting, which was a success at the beginning of this month. 
And today, Oppa was in the news for finally getting the much deserved recognition for his talent, time and commitment! Last night, he was presented the Daesang at the MBC Awards for his stellar performance in Kill Me, Heal Me. He and his co-star Park Seo-joon also cheekily won the Best Couple Award. 


jisung_dcholiday2015-04Name: Ji Sung (Kwak Tae-geun)

Oppa Cred: February 27, 1977 

New Year Notice: Smitten

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in Kill Me, Heal Me; currently available for 2am feedings and noontime naps with Kwak Ji-yoo. 


Unnichan: I don’t know about you, but Ji Sung is an Oppa that kind of crept up on me. He’s done lead roles since Save the Last Dance, I think but I didn’t really notice him until New Heart, and even then my highest priority was Jo Jae-hyun. Which means, it was definitely his performance in Swallow the Sun holding his own opposite Jun Kwang-rul that sold me with him. And he’s basically been on a roll (for me anyway), ever since. jisung_dcholiday2015-02

Ekun: Swallow! Lawrd Swallow! While I hated the it towards the end, my love for Ji Sung was real and true! I agree that he has been on a roll since then. His last role in Kill Me, Heal Me literally had me in tears almost every time I turned it on! Do-hyun… Se-gi…js_sgkmhm2015-01js_sgkmhm2015-02js_sgkmhm2015-03js_ynkmhm2015-01
Girl! Hahaha! That was pure talent I didn’t know he had! Hahahahaha!!!!!

Unnichan: He has to go down in history for his performance in KMHM! Yoo-na changed my life forever! Now he’s a father and hopefully, after his recent concert he will take a break. That role wiped him out (and for good reason). I am willing to give him some father drama leave for awhile. ‘Cause I definitely need him in top form for whatever he chooses next.

Ekun: He is a father now isn’t he? Yay! People procreating is always an exciting thing… As long as I am not the one having to birth the children. I agree, much needed rest is in order. I will patiently wait for his reprisal to dramas and movies. jisung_dcholiday2015-07

Unnichan: I want to believe we can be patient. He and Lee Bo-young are so adorable together, I can only imagine them doting on their newborn baby girl. Many happy returns Oppa!!!


Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks

3a78fd42-f0a5-49a1-b61b-b5d91be5e57c_zpszt6kke4w Be still my beating heart! Jung Kyung-ho has this voodoo ability to make you believe in what he is selling. The only reason I continued to watch Ja Myung Go was to see him. I did not see him in Smile,You, but when he came back from military—Heartless City was on and poppin’! So were my ovaries with the Doctor’s son.jkh_dcholiday2015cover05

Kyung-ho is adorable and has qualities that seem adorkable. But do not let that hoodwink you away from his dangerous glares. I want to catch him in something this year. *fingers crossed*jkh_dcholiday2015cover03

I just love this look! The denim jacket under a sportcoat?! Genius!

[gif credit to owner] 

The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

kkw_dcholiday2015-01_zps0p1oifzsWhere do I begin with this Oppa? To be honest, I don’t even know where we began but I do know that my Dramasphere became brighter, the moment I met him. For he’s an actor that I would consider embodies his roles, then leaves them in their world, once the credits roll. He fascinates me with his ability to infuse even the most diabolic characters with rational thought and feeling, without evoking the need for sympathy.

Thankfully, for drama lovers, Oppa toggles films and dramas well, though kkw_dcholiday2015-10_zpsl1mjlp6whis presence in films is more consistent, releasing two to three films a year. Doing this list has helped me realize even more that I enjoy darker stories with even darker characters, therefore, I am usually drawn to actors that are able to bring that to life in ways that demands I pay attention. Oppa, I am so grateful you are on the top of that list for me!
Continue reading The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

yks_dcholiday2015-04bIf you wish upon a star, you get nothing. But if you start your k-drama watching with Yoon Kye-sang, you enter withdrawals! Yoon Kye-sang is one of the most adorable Oppas for many reasons! He is well known for his early days in the group g.o.d. Lives were shattered when he left, but hope sprang in our hearts when he decided to start acting.

While he had a humble beginning, he has starred in quite a few favorites such as: The Greatest Love, Who Are You?, and High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged. He even accomplished winning an award in 2004 for Flying Boys. Here are the stats for this oppa:  Continue reading The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

This Oppa is legendary— well, at least in the Hallyu wave, as the leader of the longest active pop group in Korea, Shinhwa (circa 1998) and one of the first K-poppers to transition respectively into acting. Back when N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys were making pop music popular in America again, Shinhwa set off to top the charts in their own country and have remained visual and relevant from that point on. Pop music has drastically changed over the years and so have the boys. All five members served their mandatory military service and came back together releasing their tenth album and commemorating ten years as group mates with The Return with great acclaim soldifying their spot as matured artists. 

And while I could gladly speak volumes about how much I love Shinhwa (cause I do), their eldest member, Eric has a special place in my heart. For, he has not only been able to maintain a presence on the music scene, whether producing, writing or spearheading their namesake company, he has also managed to endear himself as an actor as well. Like many entertainers, he has a degree in Theatre and Film and several awards under his belt which basically makes him an all around entertainer. 

My relationship with Oppa can be summed up with his verse in one of my favorite tracks from The Return album “Move With Me:”

Yea, now you know who gonn’ love you right
And when your man lookin’ through your clothes
And hug you tight, girl I wish you would
Even though I know you wouldn’t.
Why stop, keep it going, even though I we shouldn’t

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