The Distractors’ Cut: Bad Guys 1-2

Every year there are a hand full of dramas that are highly anticipated but even less that live up to that fervor. However, OCN is certainly making their mark for creating high caliber crime dramas with provocative characters with just enough darkness and intensity.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Pride and Prejudice… They Actually Showed the Book!


Absence doesn’t always mean drama watching isn’t occurring— and now that there are a whole slew of new dramas premiering there’s plenty to see and even more to discuss!

Originally posted on Lore In Stone Cities:

It has been awhile since I have called on my partner in crime Unnichan to do a Distractor’s Cut, but with Choi Jin Hyuk gracing us with his presence before he departs for Military Service, we could not help ourselves. Pride and Prejudiceis the new show taking over The Night Watchman’s Journal(Thank God that is over) time slot on MBC. Here is what we think so far—how are you feeling about the show? Love it? Hate it? Leave comments below—Deuces!

Pride and Prejudice line Up:


Ekun: Unnichan, the time has come to add to my ever growing list of shows starring Choi Jin Hyuk… I think I have seen almost all of his shows since 2012… But there is something special about him when he is the main character (Besides Gu Family Book… He should have been), I always like his “swag”. Do people still say that?…

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First Look: Bang Bang

There are reimaginings, reinventions adaptations and remakes and though there may not seem to be a huge distinction between any of these, there is a fair difference for story lovers like myself. Of course, I like them all, given the right medium and production but like I always say, not every project is made equal— and at times, they’re nothing more than a dramatic crap shoot.

So with the amount of films that Bollywood churns out per year(hundreds) it’s no wonder at least a third are remakes. I’ve seen several and while some were just as horrible as the originals (U Me Aur Hum) and others didn’t hit the mark (Players, Salaam-e-Ishq), many I have liked just as much (Pyar Hona Hi Tha, Hum Tum) or better (I See You).

But what I’ve found with all Hindi remakes is I’m more prone to give them a chance, for they usually manage to make the worst films, just a tad more entertaining. And at the very least, that is my hope with Siddarth Anand‘s latest Bang Bang.

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Hirugao: Episode 1

Japan always seems to produce dramas that are dark and jaded and perhaps, that’s why I always seem to gravitate toward them. They have a melancholy quality that feels closer to reality without being bogged down by sappy sob stories or tales of whimsy gone awry.
In most cases, I can identify with the aspect or view of the world their drama reflects, in ways that isn’t true in most other areas of the world outside perhaps France, Sweden or Britain.

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All For One and One for All: The Three Musketeers Distractors’ Cut Style


Have you started TvN‘s Three Musketeers? Well, Ekun and I have taken a look at the first episodes and yep, it’s a keeper. With the promise of three seasons, I say settle in and enjoy the ride— Just don’t try bareback, chaffing is never a good look. Now on to adventures in bromance with your local distractors.

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Once again, always busy, with eyes glued to the TV, computer, and phone, for all the new shows premiering. This week, I was able to catch the first 2 episodes of The Three Musketeers Starring Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa, Yang Dong Geun, Jung Hae In, Seo Hyun Jin, and Yoo In Young. As always, Unnichan is along for the ride as we dissect and discuss what we loved, hated, and look forward to; now that the ground work has been laid and the next episode will hit the ground running!

ExtraKun: I have to start with a fangirl momo… Lee Jin Wook!!!!!!! I think I have seen every single show he has been in post Military Service.  I really love to see him on screen. Isn’t he doing another time traveling drama? Or did I read wrong?

Unnichan: I’m not sure but I have heard murmurings. And he…

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