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First Look: Bobogyungsim-Ryeo

I know I’m not the only one who has been fairly (or completely) skeptical of the K-drama of beloved Chinese drama Bu Bu Jing Xi adapted from novelist Tong Hua‘s Startling with Every Step. But with every released tidbit, I’ve calmed ever so slightly and today, China has released its first teaser and I have to be honest, I’m more than ready now for this to air and do well! 

Check out Bobogyungsim: Ryeo teaser!

I was already taken with Lee Jun-ki from the costume shots a couple weeks back but after seeing him in action, he certainly brings something to his Fourth Prince that carries the same mystery we all know and love in a way that feels dangerous, intriguing and tantalizing. And while, I have always liked Lee, this is the first time, I’ve been this interested in seeing his portrayal/depiction of a character. 

But as for the sneak peek, I truly like it. For not only is it sweeping and beautiful, it also comes across warm and fun. All the princes that should be lovable and adorable come across as such and the dynamic of youngsters growing and changing together is apparent as well. However, most importantly it has a charm all its own, making it a completely different beast from the original and with that alone, I breathe a sigh of relief. 

The Distractors’ Cut: The Joseon Gunman Warning Shot

What is the biggest drawback of live viewing? Waiting, of course! Especially, when the drama has the potential of being the most thrilling drama of the summer season. The Joseon Gunman is objectively the most anticipated drama of the year and with its introductory episodes coming out of the gate this strong, the excitement was well deserved.

This drama also rejoins Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi from 2007 thriller Time Between Dog and Wolf, making them one of the top 5 OTP reunions of this year. Can’t say I was all in with them as a couple in that drama, but their rapport as actors is undeniable and palpable, which is rekindled here immediately.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Not what we say about our blessings but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.

— W.T. Purksier

Happy Turkey Day everyone! This has been an incredibly lazy day for me and I’ve practically done nothing but eat, read and sleep but somehow, it feels like that I’ve found a new magical world in Narnia. My immediate family is extremely small and one third of that isn’t in town, so, there’s been no cooking, no cleaning, no hustle or bustle. Absolute low maintenance— The pearl of my life. But, that doesn’t mean, that I didn’t want to take a moment to drop in and share my thanksgiving joys. Last year, I did a post consisting my Thanksgiving Top 5 (relieved/grateful versions) and I thought I’d try to tackle it again this year. Of course, I have tons more that I’m grateful for but I think I can always scrounge up 5 of anything(or do my darnedest trying).

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August Dramas: The First 4 weeks

For a month, I stopped all drama watching, including dramas I was currently invested in, to take a breather and collect my real world thoughts. While I was safely away, tucked in a book or three, dramas came and went and to be honest, I didn’t mind one bit. But once my break ended, I was happy to get back into the fray and check out the one drama I’d waited for all year, along with a few I cared very little about, funny thing is, I think I might like those just a tad more.

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