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The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

kkw_dcholiday2015-01_zps0p1oifzsWhere do I begin with this Oppa? To be honest, I don’t even know where we began but I do know that my Dramasphere became brighter, the moment I met him. For he’s an actor that I would consider embodies his roles, then leaves them in their world, once the credits roll. He fascinates me with his ability to infuse even the most diabolic characters with rational thought and feeling, without evoking the need for sympathy.

Thankfully, for drama lovers, Oppa toggles films and dramas well, though kkw_dcholiday2015-10_zpsl1mjlp6whis presence in films is more consistent, releasing two to three films a year. Doing this list has helped me realize even more that I enjoy darker stories with even darker characters, therefore, I am usually drawn to actors that are able to bring that to life in ways that demands I pay attention. Oppa, I am so grateful you are on the top of that list for me!
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The Distractors’ Cut: Golden Cross Final (BTS)

Golden Cross ended a few weeks ago and though Ekun and I are caught in the crosssfires of Joseon Gunman, there’s no way we wouldn’t make time to give our final thoughts on one of the most unhinged villains of 2014.

Jung Bo-suk‘s turn as Seo Dong-ha brought new meaning to the word deranged in my mind, for Seo-Jo (a combination of Jung’s character surnames from Giant and Golden Cross) was a different kind of crazy, hinging somewhere between nefarious and nutty but above all, resolute in his delusion of innocence.  This made for a tale that melted brain cells and resolve but kept The Distractors with plenty to buzz about.  Continue reading The Distractors’ Cut: Golden Cross Final (BTS)

The Distractors’ Cut Special Edition: Golden Cross (BTS)

I’ve read recently, that fans choose dramas for eye-candy or because of some sense of loyalty, and honestly, that all sounds like a bad idea. There’s no drama that will compel me to turn it on based on those two things, alone or otherwise. I choose dramas, I know I “should” like based on writers and actors (there physical appearance means zilch), genre and sometimes premise (I’ve learned this aspect is rather capricious).

Therefore, Golden Cross was atop my list when it hit my top 3! And luckily I have drama buddy and fellow distractor ExtraKun to dig in with me.

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August Dramas: The First 4 weeks

For a month, I stopped all drama watching, including dramas I was currently invested in, to take a breather and collect my real world thoughts. While I was safely away, tucked in a book or three, dramas came and went and to be honest, I didn’t mind one bit. But once my break ended, I was happy to get back into the fray and check out the one drama I’d waited for all year, along with a few I cared very little about, funny thing is, I think I might like those just a tad more.

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Day*11(.2): Favorite Dialogue

Some of our favorite heroes are the ones that take a minute or two to get started. There is so much potential within them, yet they slack about and refuse to be the people we know they can be. I suppose it’s because they know there’s more to them and they just don’t want to do the work or perhaps, they just don’t get the proper encouragement. Either way, there’s always that defining moment in a hero’s life that makes him take up his sword and follow his destiny. I love those moments but another moment that is far more important, is when a hero finally grasps what the sword is for.

D*11 Pick: 1.2