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First Look: KICK

We all choose what we want to watch based on a myriad of criterion. Some based on rational understanding and stances, while others steeped in the shallow crevices of human proclivities. But for me personally, I rarely choose a story without caring about the story, the main cast or its director… However, now, I can never say never! Continue reading First Look: KICK

Movie Moment: Highway

There are several factors that go into making a good film, and it usually takes just one for a consumer to walk into a theater. For me, it’s usually the story, then an actor, then filmmaker, but in the case of last month’s (Feb 21st) “on the road” release, Highway, the director is what had  me front line and center with buzzing interest.hwyposter02 Continue reading Movie Moment: Highway

Movie Moment: Ishkq in Paris

It’s rom-com season guys! And boy, am I ready for some giddy heart-flitting palpitations right about now. Thankfully, there are a few films on the horizon that hold the promise of romance, the summer heat kindly brings. To start us off, is mega movie star turned cricket team owner, Preity Zinta‘s PZNZ Media’s freshman project Ishkq in Paris.

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Movie Moment: Dabang 2 and a small rant

Immediately after Dabangg‘s 2010 release, audiences were promised a second film and it seems if the Brothers Khan are nothing else, they are men of their word.
So here we are entering Chulbul’s world once again, after only two short years.

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Movie Moment: Ek Tha Tiger

As always, it was my intention to write a little ditty about this film much earlier, for I truly believed that this would happen—

It appears that Salman Khan has finally made a film that exemplifies his talent and also stands well in the box office, and by God, there is no one more relieved and excited (at wsp) about this fact as I am!