The Distractors Cut: Who Are You Final (1)


Can’t believe the summer is officially over! But with that comes the ending of our summer shows as the Fall sweeps in. I’ve been pretty silent throughout the summer, mainly because it’s a busy busy time all around but also because either I had too little to convey or too much to say in regards to what I was watching.

Who Are You ended on Tuesday and though it wasn’t a drama I ever had on my permanent To Watch List, I did find myself marathoning a couple episodes at a time every few weeks or so, solely for my post-Military dose of Kim Jae-wook. Therefore, when I decided I needed to gear up for full-fledged blogging again, I roped yet another friend (real-life Drama Buddy and fellow blogger) E-kun from Stone Cities to do what I lovingly call, The Distractors Cut of this last episode.

And yes, the title is exactly as it sounds; in live time, we chat about the drama. Also, check out our mini review in the form of Q&A in our second half on her site (click above). 

****On with the show! Hope you enjoy it guys!****


Unnichan: Did you know I didn’t watch the entire intro until like ep 10? I saw some moment with Taecyeon, got confused and had to rewind cause his acting was so much better when he wasn’t saying anything. His hair looked better too.

Ekun: Ha! I saw it but I would usually run to the bathroom or something. I didn’t really care ’cause Jae-wook Oppa wasn’t there.

way02 way03

Unnichan: Hehhehe. Look Show, I knew you would review this last 5 minutes again but I can’t help but be pissed! I promise I did not want to see Oppa puff into Tinker Bell dust AGAIN!

Ekun: The way Hyung-joon Oppa disappeared was pretty.


Unnichan: Tink Mist. Golden droplets of life. Did all the other ghosts get this treatment? I forget.

Ekun: No, but it’s Oppa. He special.

Unnichan: Why are they showing Jae-wook smiling!! I didn’t like it before but now it’s just too painful. These writers are sadists!

Ekun: Witchcraft!

wayfinal way10-07

Ekun: You see how she let go of Gun-woo’s hand? She don’t want that man!

Unnichan: Lol! More like boy-child, just wish I cared. Aigoo. There he is at her door. *sigh* I guess this is why he’s considered a puppy dog.

Ekun: Gun-woo, we’re getting in your car–– why you got a backpack?

Unnichan: He brings snacks. I bring cups. I don’t fault the man. I just hope he has some Cheetos. I’ve been craving some. You think there’s a ghost this episode? Aha… her headaches are gone! Told you it was all about Oppa!


Ekun: I never doubted you Unnichan. Heck, I don’t wanna see ghosts if it ain’t Jae-wook Oppa (Lee Hyung-joon) either! Um, no. No dates Gun-woo. Cuz she don’t like you.

Unnichan: Um DUH!!! I don’t wanna see this episode. I want everyone to stop and cry and wail, “I’M SORRY OPPA!” for being so freaking slow, for making you wait six years, for waking up and making wait you even longer by being even slower than I was before you “died” (in the head, I mean). Why aren’t we spending this time doing that with 40 mins of Oppa smiley, flirty flashbacks?

Ekun: It’s the courtesy episode where they try to convince us these two belong together (like Mariah Carey gyrl)! Ba to the OOOOOOO!

way12 way13way14

Unnichan: So is this hiking supposed to be fan service? I mean, I get it’s a outdoor gear commercial (for NEPA, is it?) but if they wanted to make fans happy couldn’t we have had another adlib memory with Si-ohn and Oppa? Now, that’s fan service! But you know, this makes me want to go camping. We should go camping!

Ekun: Unni, I’ve already told you… WE ARE NEVER GOING CAMPING.


Unnichan: Pfft. Whatevs. Hey do you know what type of fish that is in the tank? It looks like a shark.

Ekun: Kim Nam Gil *eyes glazed over*!

Unnichan: Kekeke. I actually read that Kim Nam-gil was injured during his Pirates filming and it got me thinking, that man is a tad accident prone.

Ekun: Oh no! Get better Nam-gil Oppa!

Unnichan: Si-ohn, did you lose your phone again? I thought Oppa told you to keep that silly intact!

way17 way18 way19

Ekun: *sigh*Why don’t I care what these fools are talking about?

Unnichan: Wait. Is she supposed to be disappointed there’s no kiss replay?! Oh Show.

Ekun: Boo!

way20 way21 way22

Unnichan: I’m glad that he’s getting promoted though. It’s time… Ooh TIME JUMP!

Ekun: I am behind, hold on…

way24 way23

Unnichan: Haha! I guess Oppa is ruining lives all over the place. Hee-bin’s never going to sleep again! [Thanks Oppa. I miss you.]

Ekun: I needed to see this Gun-woo earlier! You know the one that did his job sorta well and what not.

way30 way31

Unnichan: Yuck! What are these Gun-woo flashbacks?! I ain’t in the mood.

Ekun: RIGHT?! That fool needs to be in the field like he is now.

way25 way27

Unnichan: All these children playing cop! What is going on? Though the little babies in the office were my favorite. Loved me some Sung-chan. Is that Yoori?

Ekun: Exactly. She was annoying in Heartstrings too.


Unnichan: I like her but it was Flower Boy Next Door that she was the most irritating. I hate when people don’t respect other people’s (romantic) feelings or lack thereof. And her character was all kinds of wrong over that brother, or was he a cousin?

Ekun: Why the F is Show trying to recreate momo’s Si Ohn had with Oppa with this crumb bum?!


Unnichan: I wasn’t going to go there. You know thinking about how Oppa waited 6 years for her tail Hulks me out.

Ekun: Unnichan SMASH! Lol!


Unnichan: Still don’t wanna talk about it. Ooh I love those leather seats. Movies are always better viewed in luxury.

Ekun: Yea. A subpar film could have you believing it’s a blockbuster if your chair reclines.

way33 way34

Unnichan: Wish I was in one right now. Err, did this girl wriggle a date outta Cha Gun-woo?! Treacherous. I hate that stuff. It’s just not cute at all to me.

Ekun: I knew she won’t right! F that! And why this heifer jumping to conclusions when she sees them? Yuck!


Unnichan: Misunderstandings are a sign of deep feelings in Kdrama. There it is… the back hug. Someone should write a dissertation examining the practice. At times it come across invasive and unwanted. Don’t know how to interpret that.

Ekun: Yuck (unless it’s Master or Secretary Ahjussi ala Master’s Sun).

way36 way37

Unnichan: Heh. If I segue over to Master, I’m turning this off and flipping on So Ji Sub [I meant that however you wanna take it 🙂 ]. And this jealousy? Show PLEASE! You should see my face right now.

Ekun: Is it lit with fire? Mine is… with ??? in the eyes.

way38 way39 way40

Unnichan: Nah. More like tears from bile building in the throat. I like this orange though Si-ohn. Um Show, I dont know how I feel about you actually pretending to do a case this episode. Did they just lose the suspect?!

Ekun: Gyrl, I am like whatevs!


Unnichan: Pfft. So Gun-woo is re-transfering? I call it!

Ekun: The hell?!

Unnichan: Ahaha. Show, you and your subtleties. Like bulldozers on a crowded street.

Ekun: Hahahaha!


Unnichan: So wait Si-ohn heard that eery music too? Or is that just Gun-woo’s theme song?

Ekun: I am mad at him about this transfer.

Unnichan: Oh well I guess I was kinda right given his stab wound equals new “other worldly” abilities.

Ekun: Oh how I cared so little for this episode. I need a go eat. And some BTS WITH KIM JAE WOOK!


Unnichan: Shew! That was a long 45 mins. I love seeing the BTS scroll at the end of dramas. But it does make me want to see some Kim Jae-wook BTS. ‘Cause I promise all those memories were adlibs. Nothing but scene outline and PD saying rounds of “Shoot!” and “Cut!” What are your parting thoughts? Anything specific about this episode?

Ekun: Girl was it really 45 mins.? It felt longer, perhaps, because I did not care for the majority of it- my final thought are this for episode 16 would be: Show, you tried to make me believe something in this last episode that you should have sold to me 8 episodes ago, so I really didn’t care. I was so disappointed with Gun-woo going back to the Lost and Found center (adding, yet again to his Vag resume), and Si-ohn, you don’t have to lie to kick it.

Yang Si Ohn’s face pretty much sums up how I feel about this couple.

Unnichan: You know I agree. This episode was utterly boring. But I didn’t care about Cha Gun-woo going back, cause he only left to test things out. That’s always been his goal and I think he’d regretted if he hadn’t, but I don’t think he would’ve gone if she hadn’t pushed him. We’ve always said they work better together and to me that’s one thing Show got right consistently.

Ekun: I agree they work better together and you are right. I just think that Gun-woo is an intelligent officer that can contribute so much more, that’s all. Personally, I would not F’s with him, but professionally I would trust him.

Unnichan: I get it. I just think it’s Show. ‘Cause he’s supposed to be a capable officer and we saw that a few times within the drama. But Show wants us to know that the Lost and Found Division is doing some BIG STUFF like bringing balm to people’s hearts and solving crime. Who in their right mind would pass that up? Plus, to top it off he gets to see his boo every minute of every day. That’s way more important than only snatching hardened criminals from these cruel streets. It’s a two-for.

[Thank you weheartit!]

Unnichan: I’d always felt that Show was making the case for Yang Si-ohn and Cha Gun-woo from the onset of the drama but somewhere before we hit the midpoint, all that fell to pieces. I liked Si-ohn from the start. She was an independent thinker and willing to go it alone. She wasn’t the smartest or savviest but I could deal with that (I blame writer). And her chemistry was a bubbly banter with her dongsaeng partner. Initially, I felt the pairing could work but then something went terribly wrong. I don’t want to blame it on Kim Jae-wook or Lee Hyung-joon but it’s possible that’s when the breakdown began. Once, we knew Lee Hyung-joon, what he was to her and what they had, there was no turning back. I, like most, started this drama knowing Kim Jae-wook was my reason for watching but I didn’t know he would be the only reason to stay.

Ekun: You KNOW I was watching the show for Kim Jae-wook Oppa, I fell in love with him while watch Antique Bakery. He broke me down in Bad Guy, and even though Marry Me Mary was the worst show of 2010, I was giving too many allowances because he was in it. I am really sad to say that he was the thing making this show watchable. I think all the actors, staff, writers, etc worked hard to make a show that we would enjoy, however, I only cared about what Lee Hyung-joon was up to until the very end.

way05 way06way07

Unnichan: I can see that. But don’t get me started on that boo boo Marry Me Mary. All I know is Jae-wook was the best thing about Who Are You. Without him, there was nothing to see or look forward to. And we were right, episode 15 was the end. Dramas usually end for me before the “curtain” but I think this drama was a special case, in that most people felt that way as well. It’s this weird thing because we knew he would die cause that was the point, not to mention being hit over the head with the fact over and over again, but I suppose we never really bought that that was all the story had to tell. I mean, Oppa became the center and the only plot point that mattered. Once the Tink Dust appeared, they might as well have rolled the ending credits. You know what? I take that back, once that little nurse died, all I was doing was waiting for Oppa to bite it too, so the end was a little sooner.

Ekun: Exactly, as soon as that little nurse died, I was like, “Oh, this how they are going to kill of Lee Hyung Joon.” This show was painfully obvious in the way they executed things, especially in the “who did it” department. We knew Sunbae shot him, we knew Chief Moon was behind the whole thing, and we knew Oppa was going to die. This story really could have been over in half the episodes— all the other fluff was boring and I personally did not care. Heck, the way this was written out, this could have been a two week special and called it a day (not to take away from everyone’s hard work but seriously).


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