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Ugly Duckling— Perfect Match: episode three

Not all arguments are equal. Most are just road expansions, speed pumps or signs of reconstruction” And while others are detours, some are road blocks, that lead to an impasse and eventual road closures. But ultimately, quarreling isn’t always bad. For squabbles teach us so many things about ourselves and other people, yet, like in everything, there is a proper way to deal with disagreements. When you are in a relationship it’s also good to know how your partner deals with conflict—- whether they pull punches, rehearse hurts, jab to inflict pain or cower in corners. However, the problem with arguing is that feelings and tempers flair in ways that aren’t the best reflection of ourselves and at times, reveal more about what lies beneath than we’d like.

I never believed Ning and Suea had a perfect relationship. Not just because a such thing doesn’t exist but because there were tiny hints from the beginning that had me believing they were both working with some very different fundamental reasons for being in their relationship and equally different reasons for staying together. And while I contend this fight was waged with ulterior motives, regardless of why it began, Ning and Suea, may seem to be having a confrontation over money but their issue goes beyond a general difference of opinion. In which case implies, not only is this not their first road block, it’s possible they have no more detours ahead and should prepare for some closings.
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Ugly Duckling Series— Perfect Match: episode two

Our first episode was quirky and comical, barely undercutting the sting and stigma of rejection. This show isn’t perfect but even with all it’s cute moments, it still manages to bring home some major points of acceptance, understanding and friendship, while also highlighting the limitations of people.

Juu is at her new school just beginning to enjoy her new life, but within a few hours she’s humiliated and isolated once again. Now that her face has been exposed will she have the strength to defend herself among these strangers or will she high tail it and run?

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Ugly Duckling Series–Perfect Match: episode one

I don’t know what has gotten in to me this year, but for some reason, I’ve gravitated toward simple cute shows or dramas surrounding damaged teenagers, just as much as my normal fair. It’s been fun to say the least and reminiscent of the stories I loved growing up. Right now, the first installment in GMM25‘s The Ugly Duckling Series, Perfect Match is the sugary treat I inhale every Sunday and I can say I’m absolutely obsessed. It’s got everything you need to learn the value of people and friends, with tons of learning to truly love and appreciate yourself.

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Hirugao: Episode 2

Escape. There are times we all want to retreat or disappear or just plain walk away. It would be nice sometimes, if it were possible, but I don’t believe many of us want to make the choice in finality, but in more minute ways. So we watch dramas and read, sit on sandy beaches or take long walks and breaks in coffee shops.

In episode one, a fire occurs and in many ways, while fire destroys, it also purifies and may create a chance at rebooting or renewing things lost. This idea appeals to Sawa, for she’s ready for something different; a change that sparks something afresh in her. However, Rikako poses the idea that you don’t have to burn anything down, rather, why not escape in a living breathing person? Continue reading Hirugao: Episode 2

Hirugao: Episode 1

Japan always seems to produce dramas that are dark and jaded and perhaps, that’s why I always seem to gravitate toward them. They have a melancholy quality that feels closer to reality without being bogged down by sappy sob stories or tales of whimsy gone awry.
In most cases, I can identify with the aspect or view of the world their drama reflects, in ways that isn’t true in most other areas of the world outside perhaps France, Sweden or Britain.

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