The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

A064_C003_0413GCOften, when I see this Oppa, I wonder, how does he do it? How is it possible to look better today, than when he debuted? Has he found some spring well hidden in the crevice of the earth secret from the rest of mankind? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not concerned about my age or getting older in the traditional sense… What I’m concerned about is how he continues to look amazing and what effects that fact will have on my aging body and psyche.

Yes, yes, I can’t begrudge the man for taking care of himself and honestly, what can he really do about the blessing of his genes? But seriously Oppa, all I need is for you to think of me, just think of me (well, us) just once in awhile— hanbon mahn is all we need. Call?


Name: Song Seung-hun

Oppa Cred: October 5, 1976

New Year Notice: Everlasting

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in  Third Way of Love  and Wonderful Nightmare; currently filming sageuk Saimdang, the Herstory and trying not to get caught on dates with his girlfriend Chinese actress, Liu YiFei.

Unnichan: We’re talking about Song Seung-hun, now is as good a time as any to mention his new drama Saimdang. I love a good sageuk and it’s Lee Young-Ae‘s “comeback” drama (hate that reference), but I can’t help but be just a little afraid. But he is look A-MAZE-BALLS!


Ekun: Look, I never thought I could get caught up in a drama to see how a suit was painted on a man’s body until I saw Song Seung-hun. I know you all are laughing, but I am 100% dead serious!

Unnichan: I am. I am. But I also know you’re serious. That was back when you were torturing yourself during When A Man Laughs errr I mean, Loves, right?ssh_dcholiday2015-03_zpstjnk8w1i

Ekun: Soooooooo, this is another one who is not so strong with that acting.

Unnichan: Wait, how many does that make it now? Kekekeke. And yea, he’s not but I don’t understand why he doesn’t stick with rom-com. My Princess was perfect for him. I’ve never liked his performance so much.

Ekun: But, I honestly do believe that he tries—sometimes I am with him. Other times, I am staring at his pretty. He has a lot of that to go around. Though, when I see him in interviews, he seems stunned by how much women adore him… We ain’t got time for that!ssh_dcholiday2015-09_zpscgwiq7l4

Drama Debussie: I don’t know who he thinks he’s playing. You got to do a lot of looking in the mirror to have that much pretty on point, and his pretty is ON POINT. Always.

Unnichan: Kekeekkeke. I know that’s right!!! He did admit to taking care of his skin… As if we couldn’t tell.

Drama Debussie: It’s the very least he can do to make up for his acting which can’t seem to improve even though he’s been working since forever.ssh_dcholiday2015-02b_zpspojwfycm

Unnichan: I don’t really watch many of his dramas out of sheer fear. But he does seem to love his job. And I agree Ekun, he tries. At least he knows he’s not that great and accepts that. That’s why I say, rom-com, Oppa. ROM. COM.

Drama Debussie: I tolerated 1.5 episodes of Dr. Jin for him. That’s love!ssh_dcholiday2015-04_zpsvt2o7pkv

Ekun: I did 6 episodes of Dr. Jin and the entire show When a Man Loves, plus the Japanese version of Ghost! If that is not love and dedication, it doesn’t exist in the world, you feel me?



Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks:


Delicious. Just simply delicious. That is the adjective I often use to describe Jae-wook Oppa. When Jae Wook is not making heart beat faster and ovaries quiver in dramas, he is doing his music thing with his group Walrus.


The first time I saw Jae Wook was in Coffee Prince. He was so cute and reserved you couldn’t help but love him. Unfortunately, the last thing I saw him in was Inspiring Generation which inspired me to want to stick a fork in my eye… Over and over. Good choice for him getting out while he could.


As with all my Oppas, I want to see him in something in 2016. He is such a great actor and selective artist, that the role he takes will always leave you happy. Who Are You? was one of my personal favorites… Was it a mess to want them together over Taecyeon?

2 Replies to “The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa”

  1. SSH is an odd case in terms of acting. He’s beautiful beyond any reasonable doubt and can act given the opportunity and the role. His performance in Better Tomorrow -my first encounter with his pretty face and his stunning white suit- was by far one of his best so far. In dramas, though, he shows a steady urge to maintain a particular image no matter what the genre. I do know he’s better than what we actually see and I know he has an undeniable ability to recognise and work with really talented co-workers. I’m really looking forward for his new series with the legendary “Lady Vengeance” a.k.a. Lee Young-ae (what a couple, right?) 🙂
    PS His character in the super hilarious He Was Cool helped me go through a very rough day. I don’t know whether the film was that funny or I just needed a few good laughs at the time^^

    Jae Wook oppa can and hopefully will shine in K-dramaland. He deserves better because he can really act; in Who Are You, he was heartbreaking without much dialogue, something that only a few of his peers are able to achieve. And a personal but funny touch: My sister was absolutely sure that the man was Japanese until she wondered why on earth he was serving in the Korean Army, LOL!!

    1. Hahaha! Sorry sis, Jae Wook is Korean. Look, I agree with you in regards to SSH, but I just give up and intake the pretty. I am glad that his movie was able to help you get through a crappy day… She Was Pretty (drama that recently finished airing) did that for me recently. Eye candy and a pick me up is a win/win in my book!

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