The Distractors’ Cut Afterparty Special: Three Days

This week we finally said “goodbye” to Spring with the finale of political thriller, 3 Days. Even with the preemption, I have to admit I was loathed to see it go and the drama team upped the ante by packing the last two episodes with so much action, I couldn’t believe we were really heading toward the end.

I can’t say that as a greedy fan, I got everything I wanted (Tae-kyung and Bo-won in every frame) but it delivered on much more fronts than I ever expected from the onset and that overall makes me and Extra Kun, of course, very happy viewers.

Unnichan: Three Days ended this week… And let me say, I was quite pleased with the drama overall. I was concerned at the beginning but with each episode, I was more and more invested.

Ekun: OH YEA, this show got progressively better with each episode. Those who bailed out at the beginning are missing out on one of Ekun’s favorite dramas for the first half of 2014. Can you believe the year is almost at the halfway mark and still more dramas to  be seen?! Anyway, what did you think? Goods? Bads? Disappointments?

Unnichan: The first couple episodes were kind of wobbly, especially with that EMP fiasco. The purpose of it was fine but the execution was not to my taste at all. However, the fallout worked for me. Tae-kyung (Mickey Yoochun) going rogue, meeting Yoon Bo-won (Park Ha-sun), the President (Son Hyun-joo) and his skeletons, Confidential 98. I think once Show and the audience understood what was actually going on and what we had signed up for, it all gelled nicely.

Ekun: I concur. I think what really bought this show full circle was the conversation between prosecutor and Do-jin’s Henchman. I love that the Prosecutor rebutted what Henchman said by saying, “Even when I retire, someone else will take over for me. It’s what makes the world go round.” Thank you Show for ending with as much normalcy as possible. But I needed more with Bo- won and Tae- kyung. *sigh*

Unnichan: The scene was a little preachy for me, but I do like that both statements are out there. It’s not necessarily about “good” and “bad” or the righteous against evil, but more that there is a balance of some sort. There are people that aren’t just patriotic but that don’t feel that being ruled by money and power accomplishes the type of “happiness” most citizens are trying to achieve. The last set of three days in the drama does well with showcasing that point.

Ekun: The last 3 days were probably my favorite. Evil Daddy Yoon aka Kim Do-jin (Choi Won-young)  was a really interesting character. He really was doing all the killing for money, power, and respect? I feel like I just stepped back into the early 2000’s with Puff Daddy, Mase, and Lil Kim after making that statement…

Unnichan: Heh. I’m not sure I have a favorite “set” of 3 days but more the ending of the first 3 to the middle of the second. That’s where all the things I loved happened. That’s also where we get to the heart of the matter or more, the switch is flipped with Do-jin that finally makes him and his crazy the endgame. What worked about that middle for me was that characters I hated *cough Lee Cha-young* actually became useful by almost dying and others I loved stepped back to let others shine. Plus we got tons more Tae-kyung and Bo-won togetherness.

Ekun: You are right and have a valid point about those who were less desirable to be seen *Cha- young cough* became significant within the story. I so thought she was the enemy, but I am glad Tae- kyung had unwavering faith in her. It made you want to continue to give her the benefit of the doubt. Because if it were me she would have been out a long time ago! One thing that really got to me was that almost everyone died. Sheesh!

Unnichan: I did have issues with her in the beginning (whether to trust her) but I blame that on So Yi-hyun and her inability to act (emote). Once I decided I just couldn’t take her seriously, I never doubted her loyalty. The best acting Yi-hyun did was when she was kidnapped and half her face was covered with tape. The scene that sticks out to me is when she pulled the phone down and warned everyone of Do-jin’s latest scheme. I slid her a cookie.

Ekun: I am glad at least one of us is benevolent at any given time, because I won’t givin’ her nuthin’! I think I neglected to mention how much I loved Tae-kyung… I LOVE TAE- KYUNG!!!

Unnichan: He deserves that love. I didn’t care too much about him initially but once he became “indignant TK” (which is great rapper handle), I was in love. I enjoyed his transition throughout the entire series. And though, the memory montages in the last episode were grating, I liked seeing the moment between he and President Lee again, because it was a reminder of how innocent and doe-eyed he once was and the massive toll these nine days took on him and his thinking as a man, a son and a civil servant.

Ekun: I just loved that he had it in him to do what needed to be done. He really did grow a lot in the nine days and I am even more thankful for that. After the bomb went off at the end I wasn’t sure if he was going to continue to be a Secret Service Agent, but I am glad he decided to keep at it. He is good at it, and I am certain his influence, character, and smarts will always be needed.

Unnichan: We rarely find characters like Tae-kyung in that he was just a regular guy. He wasn’t a “genius,” he wasn’t prickly. He was stubbornly righteous and dogged but everything he did was based on his training and determination. That’s also why he and Yoon Bo-won were brilliant together. She was completely bomb and my obsession with them is unhealthy.

Ekun: I was trying to be good in not mentioning them because I personally needed more Show. I know I am not the only one who felt this way. Though this was not that type of show, I just needed more. If we can add love lines in IRIS and that one show, you could have given me a little kiss, hug, something. *Slides off Soapbox* But Bo- won is what I like to define as a DAC aka Down A** Chick. Tae- kyung will need someone like that in his corner.

Unnichan: Of course we needed more! I wanted the whole show to be about them! But Tae-kyung said all he needed to say in episode 14? Plus, I almost fell off the couch when he was trying to get rid of his friend. He’s so precious. As for Bo-won, I truly believe she is in my Top 5 Best Female characters of 2014. I respected her, she never disappointed me and she never reverted into cute mode, like most girls. She was consistent and absolutely winning. She wasn’t the strongest woman or the “best” at what she did but she loved her job and took it seriously, stood up for what she believed in and stood by those that she deemed worthy. She’s my kind of girl.

Ekun: Bo- won hands down is added in my top 10 women of all time! She didn’t have to act cute, but she did flirt a bit– and that is what I needed you to do girl!

Unnichan: But speaking of disappointments, did you have any?

Ekun: Well beside Cha- young and the slew of murders in the last two episodes, I do not think so. It was a pretty even tempo kind of show. Not too much, not too less. It was greatly appreciated especially considering some of the other shows I was watching I am starting to watch (that’s right Sly and Single Again and Big Man… I am talking about you!) What about you UC?

Unnichan: There was one. The initial issue with what happened with North Korea and Falcon. Not the actual incident but more so, how the Commander of the Secret Service, Ham Bong-soo, decided to deal with it. I found it very disappointing that instead of confronting the President or investigating the situation or rather, the individuals that approached him with the evidence, he took their word and did their bidding. It was clear as day he was being used but with the way the show played it, this never even crossed his mind! That, I never got over.

Ekun: Now that you mentioned it, it does seem a bit ludicrous for him not to be skeptical. It makes it look like you are failing at your life’s occupation. Since when is it ok just to take some random paperwork tossed your way at face value without a proper investigation? Sketchy, sketchy.

Unnichan: Exactly. I understood his Lieutenant because he trusted his Sunbae but Commander Ham? Never! Especially after all those inspirational flashbacks between he and Tae-kyung. It was just inconsistent. So, Three Days was well worth it? What about the performances? Yoochun? Son Hyun-joo? And Choi Won-young?

Ekun: I have a crush on Mickey after this role. It is like Sungkyungkwan Scandal all over again. I didn’t love him in Rooftop Prince, but that is because I didn’t care for the show in general. I need him to just go off the military, and decide to give up on JYJ and just become an actor. I was upset with Choi Won- young because he looked too great. Every time someone get married they come back looking like life hadn’t started until the momo they said I do! Is Hyun-joossi Pres.? Because he did an amazing job as always. It was like OMG! He running in the field! This president is gangsta!

Unnichan: Son Hyun-joo is one of my favorite actors. He’s right up there with Kim Gab-soo for me. I’m never disappointed by their performances, no matter the drama or character. And I think you might get skinned alive by TVXQ and JYJ fans for your blasphemy… but we’ll both get a flaying, cause I agree. I only like Mickey when he’s acting. That could have something to do with not giving a crap about JYJ but whatevs. I’ve seen all his dramas save one and I’ve enjoyed each and every one. Not solely based on his performance but what he brings, I am consistently pleased.

Ekun: Look, I am not trying to ensue hate from anyone. If you like JYJ continue to support them by buying their albums and going to their concerts, etc. I just think Yoochun can really make it as an actor if he wanted to. I am in the air about Jaejoong, because I really liked him in Protect the Boss, but that could have been a fluke. We will see now that he is in Triangle, but Lee Bum-soo will act circles around him, so I am scared…

Unnichan: Flukes definitely happen. But as for Choi Won-young…. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always liked him, but that man made a lasting impression in this drama. I really wasn’t looking for him to take this route with the character but that last moment on the bridge? That soulless superiority Do-jin had? That was perfection.

Ekun: Do-jin did exactly what I needed him to do at the end– and Won- youngssi couldn’t have done anything better. Loved it!

Unnichan: It’s interesting that the Spring was just as drama intensive as the Summer will be. Usually, I would feel refreshed and ready for the slew of dramas premiering but right now, I just feel bogged down. I kind of wish some of the new dramas were bad or at least I didn’t like them, but I know I will— who can pass up, Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Myung-min, Lee Bum-soo and Jo In-sung? Guess, I can just be glad another show has been crossed off my docket.

Ekun: You forgot Cha Seung- won and Kim Kang-woo… Ugh!

Unnichan: I’m already watching Kim Kang-woo but Cha Seung-won!!!! He’s one of the sexiest men alive and the only reason,  I’m even turning on You’re All Surrounded! Ugh! I just don’t have time for all!

Ekun: Anyway, final thoughts on Three Days

Unnichan: It’s a great marathon drama. For those that didn’t get chance to watch it live cause, by episode 5 it’s rather addictive. It’s also perfect for those trying to dip their feet into something beyond sugary sweet rom-coms, ’cause it still has eye-candy (for those that need it) but it doesn’t have that ubiquitous “revenge” factor that many seem to hate. It also has a realistic ending, with ends tied up but not to the point that there’s no forward movement. It’s a pleasurable watch, that leaves you ready to move on to the next venture— what I like to call “satisfying.”

Ekun: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Was totally addicted, but now that it is over I can move on with the likes of Cha, Bum-soo, Ji-hwan, and so forth. Thanks 3 Days!

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  1. Love this post! I agree with everything that was said. There were way too many flashbacks at the end, and I could have used more Han Tae Kyung and Bo Won scenes.

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