Mam Gaem Daeng 3

I’ve been debating as to whether I should continue recapping this series and I suppose, I’ve decided to finish what I started. The story so far is cute and cuddly, though the characters can be a little hard to handle at times. But, I am certain the more Ana and Nadol are thrown together, they will see each other’s better qualities and hopefully, so will we.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added my “Little Lakorn Lookbook” to the side panel of the site. That way you can keep track of what I’m watching and also get a few ideas as to whether these are titles you may be interested in. And if you’ve watched them, please feel free to comment in the “askwithsubsplease” section. I’d love to discuss! –>

I don’t always have the patience to write a full post about what I’m watching (especially when I’m marathoning), so I’ve found writing a couple lines, gets my thoughts out there without tons of writing. Plus, I’m usually watching so much, it’s hard to find time to gather all my thoughts together. I do plan to do a mid-year overview but in the mean time— Hope you enjoy!

Over breakfast, Nadol awkwardly tries to pay Ana off, offering to fund her pregnancy and the child’s schooling, in return for Pat’s freedom. In response, Ana runs to her room in tearful shock, but once inside, bursts into laughter and begins packing her bags. When she emerges with tear stained cheeks (thanks to carefully dabbed water), whimpering, Nadol begs her to stay, apologizing profusely until she demands he kneel.

Meanwhile, the Mean Girls practice their “miscarry mission,” which consists of a leg trip, a flight of stairs and exaggerated concern. But while Neena runs down for her wailing concern runthrough, Kate can’t hold her excitement, for the miscarriage will eliminate her competition for Pat.

It’s another day of the Big Bro Sightseeing tour and Nadol offers to take a few shots of the gang as mementos once they separate. Afterward, Ana and Art hang to the back of the group gossiping about May and Pat, until Art wonders if perhaps she’ll form an attachment to Nadol.

Ana isn’t interested but Art believes Big Bro is a contender, however Ana thinks there’s no way, for Nadol is a rigid dictator that cares nothing about the feelings of others. Then she suggests they split up the touring party to give Pat and May some bonding time, for their return to Thailand will create even less opportunities for result. Later, Art spills coffee on May to jumpstart a conversation between the couple and escapes for a fresh cup.

Nadol wonders why Ana isn’t showing (her stomach is too flat) but she’s saved by the Mean Girls who direct their attention to the stairs. As Nadol descends to take a few snaps, the Mean Girls inact their plan flawlessly (push, purse, trip) but when Ana tumbles to the ground, Nadol breaks her fall, her lips landing on his cheek. Kade reminds seething Neena to stick with the plan and apologize but Ana is no fool and accuses Neena of pushing her.  But Nadol suggests she should let it go being she wasn’t injured.

May and Pat have a heart to heart about their plans for the future. She wants to open her own shop, where he will most likely do as his parents desire and work with Nadol. May envies having a family that plans and dreams for her future, considering it a blessing and though Pat agrees, it’s burdensome especially with his arranged marriage. When they move on to his ideal type, Pat describes a Thai girl, who’s sincere in her love for him but also kind. May wonders if he’s met that girl, but her hopes are dashed when he confesses, he hasn’t. Pat wants to know May’s ideal type but she’s embarrassed to say, so he assumes perhaps she likes women. This gets an immediate protest and she almost blurts out that she  likes him.

The Mean Girls continue to trail Ana and Nadol but when they end up at the London Eye, Neena dupes Nadol into riding to the top with her. Ana can’t help but take jabs at Neena and Kate asks her to stop picking fights with Neena and accuses her of being jealous, suggesting she has feelings for Nadol. Neena snatches Nadols camera to check out his shots and is upset to find it littered with pictures of Ana. Later, the two hire a hitman to attack Ana, so she miscarries.

Nadol steps over to Ana inquiring about her plans once they’re back in Thailand but when Ana admits she doesn’t have any set goals, he isn’t surprised considering her current situation.

Meanwhile, at his club, Paiyap ogles as Tanya performs and when a patron gets too aggressive, he steps in and convinces her to let him escort her home. She’s thankful but when he tries to wheedle his way into her place, she declines, until he lies about needing the restroom. Inside, he asks for some water and snuggles up to her when her phone rings. She explains it’s her sister studying in London and Ana quips excitedly about returning home soon. She makes the conversation quick but checks that her sister is no longer drinking or gambling. Tanya ends the call and asks Paiyap to pee and leave but he grabs her hands and insists on taking her home as often as possible from now on.

For dinner, Ana whips up some good home-cooking but Nadol laughs it off as not “Thai” enough. Even after a surprising taste, he scoffs anyone can make these dishes and deems it “suitable.” But when Ana removes the food and suggests he get takeout instead, he changes his tune.

The four are out touring again but when Ana comes up with a bogus excuse for Pat to spend some alone time with May, but they both are concerned about her being alone with Nadol. Ana insists it’s no sacrifice and pushes them on their merry way, just as Nadol spots them, balking it’s suspicious for Pat to leave his pregnant wife to walk around with another woman, unless— “Pat doesn’t love you.” At that, Ana speeds away with Nadol wondering if he pissed her off again but she’s just exhausted with his constant accusations and insinuations about her relationship with Pat and her character. He insists he’s just concerned for his brother but she finds concern no excuse for insult.

They bicker until a fortune teller interests them, surprisingly speaking in Thai. Though both agree their skeptics, Nadol’s curious and wants Ana’s palm read. But when the seer says, they are soul mates, immediately dismiss her as a charletain. Nadol snickers he’d never be that stupid and Ana huffs, if that were her fate, she opt for a “fateless” existence.

Pat  and May window shop and she eyes a necklace but it’s too expensive and decides to pass it up. Pat commends her for being thrifty but while she wanders ahead, he pops in, buys it for her, then offers to hook it on as well.

The Mean Girls point their hired gun in Ana’s direction and watch across the street, as he moves in for the “kill.” Nadol hands Ana the camera for her to take a snap of him, when the hitman approaches her with a knife. But when Ana gives him a few strategic kicks, he snatches the camera and makes a run for it, with Ana quick behind him.

They corner the laziest thief/hitman in drama history, but not before he punches Nadol and they accidentally abandon the camera. At a nearby cafe, Ana tends his wounds, but Nadol catches her hand with a complaint about her nursing aggression. The sudden touch gives them both pause, just as the Mean Girls notice this awkwardness from the market below. But Kate convinces Neena to get Ana another day and the two shop a bit instead. Meanwhile, Pat and May are rushing to meet Ana but May trips and when Pat helps to balance her, the Mean Girls seethe across the street,  believing the girls are swapping brothers.

Once together, Ana fills them in on their adventure but Nadol thinks there’s no need for a pat on the back, thinking she risked hers and the baby’s lives for something so trivial. But Ana argues instead of being scolded a “thank you” would be better and Pat pulls her away before there’s another full on squabble.

The Mean Girls meet Nadol and May and Neena invites he and Pat to a weekend in the country. Nadol is pleased to accept, and extends the invite to May and her friends as well. Then Kate reveals she learned from her brother Paiyap, Ana’s sister is his lounge singer.

With Pat, Ana is furious and needs a firm timeline to when this charade will conclude but Pat needs to hold on a little longer and offers to give her anything she wants. So she uses his concern as an opportunity to request he take more pains in looking after May, since she’s doing the same with his brother.

They set off the next day by boat and everyone snaps pictures and takes in the sights, while Nadol steals glances Ana each chance he gets. When they arrive, everyone wants to take a breather but the Mean Girls only made accommodations in the villa for themselves and the brothers, so the rest of the gang is relegated to a tiny servant’s room. Later, as they gather for an afternoon drive, everyone’s at a stand still, when they realize the Mean Girls rented a luxury car for themselves, and a junk truck for the rest, until Nadol offers to drive the junk and hops in. Unfortunately, no one else dares to take the risk and it soon becomes a game of musical chairs, leaving Ana without a seat.

Reactions, Ramblings and Remarks

One thing about Ana is she isn’t the type to let things go easily and though at times that’s fun to watch, it’s also a bit exhausting. I love it when she calls Neena out on her “thirsty” behavior but when she continues to harp on the issue, she becomes the bad guy and I wish she’d get hip to that without Nadol stepping in. She and Nadol continue to butt heads because not only are they both head strong, they have valid and specific ideas about how to live and react to conflict. Therefore, it’s never easy to side with either.  When they are attacked by the “aborter turned thief” Nadol wasn’t wrong to believe it’s safer for everyone involved to let him escape, however, Ana’s reaction retrieved the camera. Where the problem lay is either of them contending that their opinion is more “right” than the other. If they were to take the time to listen to one another, they’d better comprehend the other’s perspective and compromise and we’d all be happier.

This episode, I definitely noticed Ana register a spark between she and Nadol but his mouth ruins any chance of her (and me) truly entertaining him. I had to agree with her that his constant badgering, makes her out to be a lowlife, swindling slug and honestly, I can’t for the life of me understand how he doesn’t realize how insulting he is. It’s true, she’s playing it up to get him off her back but his self-righteousness is heavy-handed. Of course, the Mean Girls strike this episode and I have to admit I’m stunned at their audacity. The miscarriage scheme was malicious and though I’m sure it’s supposed to be played for a laugh, these ladies can never be viewed as anything less than evil. Minor antics like outing Ana’s sister, switching rooms and renting clunkers, is all fodder and fun but hiring hit men, killing children and invoking bodily harm is no mirthy matter.



One Reply to “Mam Gaem Daeng 3”

  1. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t watch MGM when it aired, but I watched it a few months back because everyone kept talking about how good and funny it was. Though at times I found the leads a bit much, I did enjoy their interactions. Nadol tended to come off as chauvinistic and condescending at times (which also made it hard for me to completely root for him), but he did genuinely care for Ana’s welfare, so I didn’t write him off completely. I don’t know how far you’ve gotten with MGM, but once they returned to Thailand, I found I didn’t have the patience to watch how Ana wins Pat’s family over because frankly, I didn’t see why she needed to put up with their bad treatment. I ended up skipping to the very last episode just to see how things tied up. Perhaps if I had stuck it out, it might not have been so bad, but I felt Pat’s family’s treatment of Ana was over the line. Maybe one day I’ll go back and watch the episodes I missed (but I highly doubt it).

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