The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 13

Heirs continues to move and flesh out its characters, which I’m sure we all can’t be more grateful for. What I’ve grown to enjoy more than anything is the minor characters that have grabbed my attention much more than the love story or the non-love triangle.

However, what makes this drama interesting isn’t necessarily how it will end, but how much its characters will grow and stay the same. Tan and Eun-sang have a long, tiring battle ahead but this isn’t a drama about two kids trying to make it alone or even about debunking the system, it’s about finding a dream, believing in it and doing all you can to create in your reality a comfortable place for that dream to flourish and sustain.

Ekun: Tan ah! Why you crying already? Wait… she is too. I can’t.

Unnichan: Aw. Is she crying cause he’s crying?

Ekun: No girl, he’s not ok. He’s a hot mess. He’s bringing up times in the US? *Hug* Thanks Eun-sang.

Unnichan: Oh no, she said “No.” Aah, that’s an Eun-sang initiated hug!!!

Ekun: Is this Ha-neul singing? Rachel and Momma Rae are hostile towards each other all the time.

Unnichan: Mom knows what’s up. I think I love that.  But she isn’t thinking about her kid’s feelings… as usual.

Ekun: She is annoying, Young-do!

Unnichan: He didn’t have to tell you… that’s why.

Ekun: I know right?!

Unnichan: Oh no, everything is getting an “Aw” from me today. Young-do, you are…

Ekun: Young-do? Are you a chingu from a far? I think I love you even more—- if that’s possible.

Unnichan: Is he locking them in?! I’m scared Dong-kun.

Ekun: You know he is. He always taking her hostage! Tan needs to get that together– even Noona Coach doesn’t approve.

Unnichan: OMG Tan! You need to stop. Indignant Myung-soo… I love it!

Ekun: TAN!!!!! Is that important! Myung-soo!

Unnichan: Now see that’s what you need to say Tan. Wait, you’re answering my phone? Aigoo.

Ekun: Tan! I can’t do this with you today!

Unnichan: Why is  he threatening to hack her account? Youngdo!!! I can’t hold it together over here.

Ekun: Do you Young-do! Like Nike said ‘Just Do It’! Kekekekeke.

Unnichan: That’s right Eun-sang… You just getting it?

Ekun: He is girl… He is.

Unnichan: Look at Tan and his bipolar ways! It’s hilarious… but a tad insane.

Ekun: Tan! Why have I screamed your name 1000 times in less than 20 minutes?!

Unnichan: See Tan, this is why you are in last place at the schoolhouse.

Ekun: You really went to sleep Tan?

Unnichan: Aw… Tan is too precious.

Ekun: He is but I need him to open a book!

Unnichan: Myung-soo AHHHHH! You’re a paparazzo? Why do I love this moment? Is this foreshadowing?

Ekun: My boo! Myung Soo! Hey boo! LOL!

Unnichan: Ahahahahha. Myungo-soo ah!

Ekun: Don’t delete it Myung-soo! They locked you out of your lair.

Unnichan: I know that’s right. Maybe he’ll post the evidence on his Wall O’ Love.

Ekun: Heh. *Evil Eyes*

Unnichan: Don’t look at me Tan. I can’t with you and these eyes. She took his hand!! Aw, look at that smile!

Ekun: I told Lee Min Ho about them fn stares! Oh! Oh! She did it! I swear this song sounds like “Missing You”!

Unnichan: Young-do… school is holy ground? Bwahaahhaha.

Ekun: Well, home is Hell so perhaps. My house is a safe haven Young-do… *wink wink blows a kiss*

Unnichan: *blocks* How many times… Yep. I like that Tan, but you know it makes Young-do love and hate you more.

Ekun:  Young-do got me gigglin’ like a pigglet! Shut down all the phones services in Seoul!

Unnichan:  That’s cause he can’t beg anyone heifer! You are ridiculous. Exactly. Ward off the evil Tan.

Ekun: Ano… Tan? You and Young-do are the same person.

Unnichan:  Ha! But he doesn’t know that.

Ekun: Rachel! F a slap! I am going to whoop your A**!!!

Unnichan: OMG!! Tan and Bo-na are priceless! I tell you that’s why these two couldn’t work… they’re crazy.

Ekun:  You know that she loves that Chan-young….

Unnichan: This girl needs to go to class… Tan, she can’t fail school too. Somebody’s got to support you, when WonTan blots your name off the registry. Chan-young, now you too?

Ekun: Tan! He is too much really! High 5’s and S!

Unnichan: Fight her Bo-na.

Ekun: Beat her low life A** Bo-na!

Unnichan: She’s about to air you, girl… You need to keep your mouth closed. Rachel is shooting the jugular today… she’s feeding off Bo-na.

Ekun: Do it Rachel! It is the one time I need you to oust a ho! (No pun intended).

Unnichan: Why is everyone carbon copies of each other?

Ekun: I know Bo-na was speechless!

Unnichan: Do it Tan ah. DO IT! He is showing out today and I LOVE IT!

Ekun: Kekekekekeke!

Unnichan: Oh no, so they may not keep that fighting promise they made…

Ekun: They ain’t…..

Unnichan: I love this rock riff! Now see this is when the rift (in their relationship) works.

Ekun: It’s the bad boy coalition theme song girl.

Unnichan: Give her a good fuss out Chanyoungie, for being used by the Soeur Diablo. Oh no, they won’t break up, ne?

Ekun: No girl! They won’t. But I understand why Bo-na did it. She could careless that Ye Seol is a hostess daughter. She was talking big like she was better than and that gets a “Hell NO!”

Unnichan: Ara, but all he saw was bullying and degradation. From his point of view it looks like she thinks she can make exceptions for him but not others. And either way you cut it, that gets a “No.”

Ekun: Oh no! Daddy appeared and I got sick on sight!

Unnichan:  Move out Tan. You can get emancipated. It’s ridiculous how these people don’t think about the havoc they reek on other people’s lives. I get that this is the way it “works” in their country and everyone likes to work within the system instead of change it but it’s just crazy to be this self-absorbed.

Ekun: I just can’t and my mind will never be able to wrap around the concept. But the same can be said about how we live our lives too.

Unnichan: How you gonna pay someone for a call, Boo? You have nada. Pfft. Him having zero support is hilarious. Oooh Ha-neul in all navy works for me.

Ekun: Oh my song is playing! “Officially Missing You!” Ha Neulie!!!!

Unnichan: You are taking your meds, ne, Hyo shin ah? Don’t slack cause you miss Noona, k?

Ekun: I hope so, we need him to stay healthy and alive… You asking the wrong question Hyo Shin ah…

Unnichan: Mom is relentless. And she’s a cheat. This is why he doesn’t want to take his meds!

Ekun: Girl! What if Hyo Shin really does kill himself before this show is over?! I am going to be in the street!

Unnichan: Thanks for keeping us abreast Mom, but this isn’t the way to do that… I promise. I’m not sure there will come a day when he’ll thank you. Your son is fading.

Ekun: Mom, I think you really love your son but you are too much! And that says a lot because besides Daddy Yoon and Eun-sang’s Mom all the parents’ motives towards their kids are questionable and doubtful.

Unnichan: Are they trying to reveal some nonexistent layer to Momma Tan’s character? Cause wait… it’s too late for that.

Ekun: I told you I don’t give a damn about Momma Tan. She will never convince me that she is more than a gold-digging *censored*. Why is that Eun-sang’s job?!

Unnichan: That’s true. It is your fault Momma Tan.

Ekun: First truthful thing you have said Momma…

Unnichan: Oh boo, all women don’t hit everyone… Just you Tan. Just you. Is this where he got it from? Taking hostages?

Ekun: Girl… I can’t. Tan? She was not at the house because you were there! Ha!

Unnichan: I told you he’s insane. Umm… That’s ’cause he knows you’re simple Momma. That smile was precious though. Can we get a few more smiles in this show? Genuine ones. I forgot how much I’ve missed them.

Ekun: Tan, what in the world? You feel the freedom to do what you want now that you were kicked out? It won’t last. Daddy WonTan is in the business of constantly ruining lives.

Unnichan: Hyung’s face is priceless! And he’s a softy. I love this green. Looks itchy though. Glad you have on another layer.

Ekun: This looks like the same sweater Hyo-shin had on… Though Choi Jin Hyuk did win a SIA… I saw it on Style Log.

Unnichan: Ugh, Hyung why don’t you just sit down and discuss things with Tan? This is truly all I want from you. It’s the older siblings job to set the tone… and your tone is always… how can I say this… Brusque and precarious.

Ekun: Yea, I see why you would think that, but it is the one who “bows” first. I was always the one setting the tone with my older sibling. Hyung… PLEASE! Tan really is a bit on the slow side, help him understand!

Unnichan: You know we won’t agree on this, ne? It’s always the elder’s job. Some just don’t do it. Young-do doing composite sketches!!! I’m dying in here. I told you he was going to be in Law Enforcement! Or the yakuza… Crap, why does everything he does apply to both?!

Ekun: Ara, but I am just saying. Young-do!!!! LOL! I can’t (yes I can and will over and over and over!) play with you.

Unnichan: Oooh Young-do makes Top 5’s too!

Ekun: Young-do is the new standard for my “Bad boys to date” List. I need to post on that, ne?

Unnichan: Definitely. I need that list. I think I only have two candidates. Hyung isn’t asleep Tan. Say what you need to say. Aw. Hyung wants to hear it… but he knows he shouldn’t.

Ekun: Why do people talk out loud when they think people are asleep. SHHHHH, they are “supposed” to be sleeping.

Unnichan: ‘Cause they’re “supposed” to be asleep, so they can’t hear you. Not everyone sleeps as lightly as you. Aw, Hyung drove to you to school! *pats bottom* Chaleso. Taniya. I want to ride around with Hyung too, though.

Ekun: Now see Tan, Hyung ain’t going to pick you up too. Even I know that, but it was cute to ask.

Unnichan: Wait Hyun-joo looks great since you bounced on her, Hyung. That’s a not a good look… for you, I mean.

Ekun: Oh no! LOL! It is probably the release of stress from dating him. Daddy WonTan makes life hard for people…

Unnichan: Daddy WonTan and this spying! I just can’t. I mean we should’ve known but I didn’t even think to think about it… But you should quit that nonsense with Momma Rae, Yoon.

Ekun: What the hell!?! Daddy WonTan telling people what to do outside of work hours?! AWWW NAAWWWW! *Die*!

Unnichan: Wait one second WonTan Ahjussi… how’d you know it was “first love?” I just got goosebumps Dongkun.

Ekun: This man….

Unnichan: You trying to spirit Eun-sang away, WonTan?

Ekun: Needs to die!

Unnichan: Keekekeke. She got you Tan.

Ekun: Tan, you always sneaking in kisses and S… I love it! *Pats on bottom* good job, that is what teenagers are supposed to do.

Unnichan: See I was thinking that too Tan, but Eun-sang is right.

Ekun: Tan! What?! Taking what too slow?

Unnichan: What? I think he had a point, Coach. Oh no, Hyo-shin ah. I’m so frightened for him. And he’s trying so hard too.

Ekun: I can’t. I think he might really Die Nee- Chan! *Tear welding up*

Unnichan: It’s insane that no one can live up in this drama! Why is any of this crap these kids’ burden? Hyo-shin? Tan? I do believe he should take other people into consideration but shouldn’t everyone else do the same?

Ekun: Oh is that what Daddy WonTan did? Kicked out his family? Then the kids have to bear more sins of the father… Daddy is a H.A.M.

Unnichan: Is that Avril Lavigne? Why does her music still sound like teen pop?

Ekun: I don’t think that is Avril, isn’t it Taylor Swift? Sounds like it… Young-do! You… *Pats on bottom*

Unnichan: Goodness, Taylor is worse. Oh no, he’s so bored. Ahaha. I think he might fall asleep.

Ekun: Why was I scared when he turned the “closed” sign?

Unnichan: Eun-sang, you were wrong. He’s a pre-schooler. Only babies do that kinda crap for attention… well and the elderly.

Ekun: Don’t care. Love em!

Unnichan: Young-do I can’t do this with you. You make my eyes burn.

Ekun: Oh he so adorable. Awkwardly waiting and what not… I could pinch his cheeks!

Unnichan: Are they just randomly throwing all the OST tracks in this episode? I like the songs but this recklessness isn’t working for me.

Ekun: Girl… these are not hard things to do but I know how much he scares you. I don’t know…. I would do them because I think he will eventually get over you. Your defiances gives him something better to do.

Unnichan: Dongkun why was I hoping he wouldn’t do this?

Ekun: I don’t know, I knew it was coming. But it still gives you a scare and a scar!

Unnichan: Young DO!! I’m in here holding my breath, girl!

Ekun: Oh no! Is he going to finally “Take” Unnichan? *closes eyes to not see the terror or imagine it was me*

Unnichan: No girl! NOOOOO! But I said he’s on that trajectory. I’d just like to believe he knows it’s wrong and wouldn’t go that far… No matter how cruel he appears, he’s the most sensitive out of this bunch.

Ekun: So this was the scene she was watching in Suspicious Housekeeper! LOL!

Ramblings, Reactions and Remarks

Unnichan: AH! Another rollercoaster. And though they can be fun, sometimes it gets a little hard to handle and this was a great example. I have to admit that I love how Writer-nim keeps pulling back Young-do’s layers. I think we were right on the money about him but it’s phenomenal to see that Show has no intention of just allowing us to infer, time and time again. He’s the character that I care about the most but if he’d just stop one second. At first I hoped he was grabbing onto to Eun-sang because he sees what Tan sees (and though that still applies), the more I see him the more I understand that he’s holding on to that aspect of who he and Tan were. I love that Young-do is so easy to figure out and that no one is surprised or clueless about his tactics or motives, but it’s how far he’s willing to take things and with what force that makes the difference. That’s what’s scary sometimes. However, Eun-sang doesn’t bait him like Tan, yet she’s still unflinching and you gotta respect that. She lets him know she gets it and determines to take it on the chin. However, her continuing down that path will only cause him to fall harder, longer.

Ekun: I agree. I just have to say we are 13 episodes in and I still like Eun-sang! Writer? Why couldn’t you write women characters like this in A Gentlemen’s Dignity?! Eun-sang is a good one for not playing into Young-do’s shenanigans, I know it is hard to do but it is what he thrives off of from Tan. The fact that she can look at him and see what he is up to and keep it moving is quite impressive. Young-do is the love of my drama life these days. He makes it hard to breathe at times, but in the same momo, you want to suck him all in with every last breath you have. His character is constantly revealing himself to be what we hoped for and so much more. Can the bromance be repaired? I am always hopeful. Tan and Hyung– Tan and Hyung, I like what Mother (Obsolete) said about them having to fight together to keep the company, but some how I feel I took it in a way that she does not mean. Honestly Obsolete, how are you going to keep anything after daddy dies? You are not either one of these boys real momma… What is her endgame? Though I doubt they will be able to toss her out like trash unless Won and Tan try to work outside the hierarchy of “Rich Society”. Much better episode, sad it took 13 for us to get here.

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