Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode twelve

Faces are slapped by hands and money, while word of Safari’s double life reveals more about past entanglements and deceptions. The Doctor’s Practice makes a move and an alliance and the Unit reinstates a member. Then a new casualty has “The Doctor Did It” in theaters for it’s third installment.

And as usual Rip and I agree and disagree, only to conclude that the Doctor is worth it all!


Soo-min needs to find the Doctor’s Son and ask him something directly, which sends the Doctor into pensive mode immediately. His apparent indifference upsets Soo-min, then tries to leave and asks about the money. But it’s all he’s ever learned to do and apologizes. She thinks he rescued and gave her his name because he likes her but he doesn’t have time to like anyone. JHis motive was to end thingd, however for her, it was just the beginning. And throws the money back in his face and tells him to never see her again.

On the road home, the Doctor thinks back to Soo-min’s inquiry and decides to run a check on her, then thinks better of it and decides to take care of it himself.


Jin-sook is still reeling from the Safari’s a cop news and gives Min a ring. She’s pissed because if Safari is a cop, then she’s been played for a fool, for she’s been handing in information for naught. However, Min counters that Safari betrayed him, but this detail clarifies that he used her from her start, implying he never loved her. He admits it was all a game in the past but now— however Jin-sook cuts him off and walks out.

Hyung-min reports about PJ’s men attacking Jin-sook and assumes the Doctor’s Son is now in charge of distribution. Min deduces his lead is from his undercover and blows his top when he confirms the validity with the Doctor. If makes this move it sets him back at one, with little hope at infiltrating Pusan. The Doctor reasons his decision on saving Jin-sook but pauses to ask— “Ahjussi, what is that you really want?” Min asserts he’s always known the plan—- the Doctor’s revenge, his collar. And tells him to get inside and find their weakness.


The Doctor gets the kids together to discuss the new setup and drops he’s decided to let Soo charge the distribution and he’ll align himself him Pusan personally. Next day, they meet with PJ who cheerfully addresses Soo as “distribution” and orders him to kill the Doctor, being he’s obsolete now. Soo raises an eyebrow, clinches his fist, ready to pummel it into PJ teeth, as he chuckles at their surprised reaction.

Then he pulls the Doctor closer to make an idle threat about wasting his time traveling from home to Seoul. The Doctor wants to work for him but PJ makes no promises and returns to his hand game as Scale steps into the room. He introduces himself to Soo and they shake it out. Once they leave, Soo admits he stays with the Doctor because he makes life interesting. For when the Doctor met with Scale and offered he and Baby Scale safety.


Hyung-min confronts Ahn about Scale’s release but there’s nothing they could do. One of Scale’s guys turned himself in with the evidence to boot. At home, Hyung-min makes coffee for a solemn Soo-min and hands her listening lipstick tube, which she promptly plants in Jin-sook’s place. But she drops it before she can find a safe place and Jin-sook interrupts before she can locate it. Jin-sook doesn’t want her delivering any longer but reminds that she trusts her, therefore, if anything were to happen to her, she’d take over. Bodyguard runs and announces PJ’s arrival, as Hyung-min takes notes on every word.


PJ wants to be entertained and invites Soo-min to cater to him and sit on his lap but Jin-sook puts her foot down. PJ redirects his request into a non-negotiable, which leaves Jin-sook speechless but Soo-min steps up and introduces herself as Areum and offers him whatever he likes. After some drinks, PJ wants a song from Jin-sook but she refuses and he begins to poke her with the mic to coax her. To stop the exulation, Soo-min belts out a selection as she and Jin-sook chokes back tears. Before he leaves, he requests a night with Areum and Jin-sook agrees. Then she makes a call and a meet with Safari and Soo-min follows fast behind her but looses her.


Jin-sook saunters in and slaps Safari for being police but believes the Safari she knows is still relevant and demands PJ be killed. She hopes this was his plan anyway and offers to help. Soo-min’s lost when Jin-sook picks her up and lies she was out to meet a friend. Jin-sook sees it a further proof they are destined to be friends and offers to buy her a car.


Min meets an exercising Detective Suh and charges her to return to the Unit. But she’s reluctant feeling guilty over Kyung-mi’s death. Min takes all the blame for it was he who attached her to DC Kang, she was only following orders and tell her to curse and blame him, not herself.

Hyung-min hands Detective Kim Safari’s police file to investigate his past and track down who made him an undercover. But of course it’s top secret, so when Ahn sticks his nose in, he lies and says it’s some intel on Meth. Min walks in with Suh to everyone’s dismay and Hyung-min puts his foot down. However, Min points out that he should look at things from her perspective— “She was only taking orders from her superior. Logically, no one can defy the Deputy Commissioners orders but the Commissioner.”


Hyung-min’s Pros Buddy fills him in on Drunk Reporter’s past and he pops in to tell her to stop wallowing and burdening those around her. But she lashes out for he’s too arrogant to know anything about pain. PJ makes the rounds, first he checks on his money with Soo, then demands the Doctor’s presence to ensure no funny business. Lastly, he makes sure “Areum” is on her way as the girls fidget hoping a Safari miracle occurs. Jin-sook apologizes then walks Soo-min out to her new car and hands her a package, ” in case something goes wrong.” Meanwhile, Hyung-min has overheard the PJ exchange and deduces what’s about to go down.


The Doctor clocks Soo-min right before they enter PJ’s and tries to wrist grab some answers from her but now it’s she who doesn’t have time for him— Pretend you don’t know me. He makes a call to Jin-sook who confirms she’s a present and not to worry. PJ moons over “Areum,” but notices the Doctor is a no show and gives Scale the order to kill him and his crew.


Scale finds the Doctor waiting in a side cove and demands he fix this mess. They could just bump him together but the Doctor thinks twice and remarks it’s not time. Driving, he makes to plans to meet Soo who’s idling waiting for the drop, when PJ’s men make their appearance and the dance begins.


Meanwhile, PJ and “Areum” have taken things to bedroom but things get physical and Soo-min tazes him, per Jin-sook’s orders and opens the gate for team Safari. They all pile in and watch as Eun-soo gets her day and stabs him in the chest. Safari turns on Kyung-mi’s phone and tosses it on the bed and “The Doctor’s Son Did It” tres commences.


However, when Hyung-min arrives on the scene, with a tip from Suh, Kyung-mi’s phone is back on the grid, Scale identifies the body as the Doctor’s Son. Luckily, the Doctor showed up minutes prior and deduces Safari’s goal and give Scale another story to tell. He immediately storms over to Jin-sook’s who doesn’t deny a thing and sits rather smug, believing this is their chance, now that Safari will be found out. But the Doctor shoots back that Safari wasn’t implicated, he was and leaves Jin-sook to her own dismay.


The Doctor watches Soo-min leave for a meet with Hyung-min, which the Doctor finds suspicious and follows her. Hyung-min scolds her for not reporting to him but as she admits she was embarrassed by what she had to do, the Doctor watches them talk from a distance.


Unnichan: Ooooh!!!  The bitter taste of rejection. In this case, with the Doctor, I can sympathize with Soo-min because I’m sure it hurts to have yet another man not reciprocate your feelings. Especially, since she’s so sure he likes her. I think she’s basing that only on some “feeling” she gets when she’s around him, or her interpretation of his actions or gaze. ‘Cause it best not be the sex. And I want to believe she’s not that naive, doesn’t matter how “experienced” you are, you don’t have to be clueless too.

 Ripgal: Well it’s quite unlucky for Soo-min, but things like that do happen i.e. feelings and expressions, they’re easy to misinterpret. I feel bad for the girl. But I’m not sure I liked how she confronted Shi-hyun about his feelings. It’s unfortunate that she had to go thru the “money” thingy, but I’m pretty sure that’s quite a hint that either the guy’s not ready or just doesn’t want to commit.They never had a proper talk or conversation, and never got to really or truly understand each other. Her reaction was a bit too much and over for me.

Unnichan: Absolutely!I get that it’s a blow to her self-esteem and even her girl genes a bit that she apparently read him wrong but she needs to get some things together. She definitely jumped in too quick making assumptions she has no reason to make.

Ripgal: At least she threw the money back at him lol, serves the man right for having taken the girl for granted, Doctor nim.

Unnichan: Don’t get me started on the money. She should’ve done that first. Perhaps being grateful was the appropriate thing but if he’d been kinder would she have reacted the same? That’s the rub.

Ripgal: But what did you think about Shi-hyun’s doubts on Soo-min? Knowing the man he is from the beginning, we know he thinks something’s up about the girl. One doesn’t just ask and be curious about the Doctor, a question like that definitely triggers suspicion. I kinda wish he didn’t retract on the private investigation on Soo-min though, I just want the man to know about her as much as possible. Do you think he just wanted to keep things low and not let others (even Soo) know? Or that himself, he’s not sure he wants to check on her?

Unnichan: Oh yea. That’s it. For if she’s not who he thinks at the moment, it’ll be bad for everyone. He has suspicions and I’d love for him to investigate but one thing we know is, if it’s really important, he does it alone. And that’s always for the best, when it comes to intel.

Ripgal: What do you think about Shi-hyun’s plan to join Busan? I’m sure he has a plan but I’m not sure he’s figured or planned everything out enough to slide his way in that easily. I was quite surprised that he’d initiated Soo to join knowing how he’s always protective of his buddy. And I also don’t think he’s done good enough research on Busan or Slimy Jo, they’re not people whom you can fool over with so easily. But I still loved the collected calmness of Shi-hyun when Slimy Jo asked Soo out of the blue to get rid of him. Imagine how hard it should have been for the man to pretend to be fearless at that point in time.

Unnichan: Well as usual, the Doctor is about damage control, therefore he doesn’t have time for extra. Plus, the whole point is to get as close to Pusan as possible, so this is the only plausible move (at the moment). I can see where your concerns are with Soo but it’s also something I see for the best. In his crew whom else could he trust to be overseer while he’s at PJ’s beck and call? He can still look after him and are pretty much in the same hierarchical positions just a step up.

Unnichan: Please let me reiterate— I love Soo!! He walks in and ignores Jin-sook then says it’s because she’s looking old! I LOVE IT! He’s a lovable character in my book because not only is he consistent, he’s someone that gets it. And if he doesn’t, he asks questions, the right questions. He’s also his own man but understands that it’s a luxury, not a guarantee.

Ripgal: Hah, that’s the Soo we know. I’m sure we’ll be complaining LOTS if the man comes in tamed and obedient. We need him for entertainment! lol Shi-hyun will forever be the busy peacemaker, my poor baby.

Ripgal: And Scale oh Scale, I betcha he’s doing everything just to survive,  not because he’s genuinely interested in following Shi-hyun’s lead.

Unnichan: Scale is out for Scale but I do think he’s warming to the Doctor. Or am I just displacing?

[JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-42-35] [JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-48-31]

Unnichan: Min has his hands in everything. And though this is no surprise, I suppose it is getting rather tiresome. It’s like he does whatever he wants all the time with no one being the wiser. It’s ridiculous.

Ripgal: It is, he is involved with everyone! Urrhhh, doesn’t sit well with me to be honest. I’m not negating the man’s wisdom and capability, otherwise he wouldn’t have been on top for so long. But it does make me irritated that he’s behind a lot of things which have affected lives of those close to and around him – especially Suh, Hyung-min and Shi-hyun. I said he probably doesn’t have a choice, but it still irks me. The man is fishy and the more I know about him, the more I feel disgusted. I hope writer will give us a good or justified reason in the end.

Unnichan: But I did like how he plants a bit of wisdom Hyung-min’s way. Most people aren’t like him, they adhere to authority, right or wrong, for they trust those in charge over them. We know that Suh was working for Min but in the long run, it behooves Hyung-min to place himself in the shoes of others, instead of holding them to his personal legalistic standards. It’s not that I wasn’t upset with Suh, because morally what she did was incorrect hands down, but that doesn’t mean I can’t comprehend  her dilemma. Won’t change my personal view or conviction but it also won’t condemn her either. You don’t have to like the choices a person makes to understand why and how they made them. Hyung-min just doesn’t seem to be able to make this connection. There’s nothing wrong with having morals or codes or beliefs but there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t agree or feel obligated to live the way you choose to. And at times, this fact isn’t a deal breaker or mutually exclusive.

Ripgal: I don’t hate Suh and nor do I like her, like you. But if I was Suh, I wouldn’t go back or even think about it. I’d have been too guilt-ridden to even face Hyung-min. More so it’s the same man who shot her!! I don’t blame Hyung-min for not having able to accept her reinstatement, because I’d have reacted the same way, I wouldn’t be able to face her. Yes it’s not her fault, and he did her wrong, but no. You don’t get over things like that easily.

Unnichan: I think you’re right. She probably shouldn’t have gone back. However, I do understand that side of a person to want to prove that they’re not that bad. I don’t usually find feeding into that need beneficial but for Suh, she’s remorseful, guilty. She wants forgiveness, I get it.

Ripgal: Any thoughts on Hyung-min assigning Soo’s informant to do a check on Safari? It somehow felt a bit off, in a sense I think he might do something to twist things around later. I could be over-analysing.

Unnichan: Nah, I don’t think so. You aren’t overanalyzing. Kim is dirty, therefore he’s going to mess things up. He will do something dumb. Plus, he feels guilty about his involvement in Kyung-mi’s death. It’s only right that you are suspicious of him. He deserves every bit.

Unnichan: Getting back to Min… That conversation between he and Jin-sook  actually explains so much. She was Min’s informant (which I figured) and though I’m sure we’re supposed to feel bad for her,  I don’t. However, it is horrible that he used her, then fell for her, dumped and pined for her, now he’s back trying to (re)claim her. Men. They want it all and women are just supposed to bend over or sideways to make it happen. Accept, whatever they dish out and smile. Absolutely not. And definitely not for Min. He’s all about his agenda, always. Right or wrong, all he does is use people, then flip on them when they don’t abide by his rules. In some areas and purpose he’s justified but it’s never sat well with me and at this juncture, I’m sure it never will.


Ripgal: I never really figured that out but it was an important revelation indeed. I guess we’ll have to accept our differing views on Jin-sook hehe, I actually felt bad for the woman. What Min did, it was absolutely disgusting – from a woman’s perspective, heck even as a person or as a friend. I think she probably had some feelings for Min, otherwise she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did, you think? But for Min, I don’t know if he had a choice. He probably had to do it, or just give up on his mission altogether.

 Ripgal: Which brings me to Min’s true motive. I’ve voiced my concerns earlier, about his true intentions. The way he reacted to Hyung-min’s report about Slimy Jo’s attack on Jin-sook and Shi-hyun’s silence on the whole thing bugged me to eternity. I’m pretty dead sure the man’s up to something really fishy, but his assertive approach on them whenever he thinks he’s not getting enough info, uhhhh… my earlier fondness of the man has dwindled to zero. I am super glad Shi-hyun’s gotten a heads up on that, that Min isn’t as clean or transparent as he projects himself to be.

Unnichan: It’s high time. But I also understand why it’s taken so long. The Doctor is in this bubble where he’s being fed through this tiny feeding tube that only Min has. It’s like that concept of this American TV show commercial I saw called The Dome or something. Where these people are trapped in the middle of the city underneath this dome. There’s a world inside and out but they’re unknown to one another. It’s kind of how I see the Doctor. He’s cut off from everything that is not his cover. Only Min is his connection to the world outside the dome.


Ripgal: What about that scene between Soo-min and Hyung-min? HAH, caught the girl! She does have the tendency to over-think and over-analyse stuff. Lucky it wasn’t a gift phew, I don’t want the girl to further involve herself with Hyung-min anymore. Just do her job and I’ll be good.

Unnichan: Me and Soo-min over this Hyung-min thing are ripe. I want to believe she’s trying to put all that crap behind her. Please drama gods! Hear Unni’s cry!


Unnichan: But that scene with Jin-sook, Soo-min and PJ was an interesting scene for it highlights all the issues I have with Jin-sook but gives a little hope that Soo-min can think on her feet. I still contend that she has no real game plan, but she’s new enough to the setup that her goals are just to stay in the running. She’s willing to do what needs to be done in the moment and though that will certainly be an issue in the long run, works in her favor here.

Ripgal: Poor Soo-min, she had to be there when Slimy Jo came to visit. It was an inevitable situation, given how perverted a person he is, and given how Soo-min’s dressed to “provide that kind of service”. I know your issues with Jin Sook (haha) but I don’t think it was a situation where she could have squiggled or squeezed out with ease, his visit was unexpected and totally out of the blue random. And I believe Soo-min knew and could foresee what’s in for her. Whether she’s prepared for it or not, that’s another question.

Unnichan: At least we got to hear Nam Gyu-ri sing. A reminder that she too should stick to what she knows. And yea, we’ve already established that women are viewed as objects and this is further emphasized here.

Ripgal: Agree, an awful reflection but sadly, very true.

Unnichan: I truly wish I could understand all the Jin-sook love out there. She’s reckless. Too reckless for me. She never thinks beyond the moment. Her approach to Safari to do away with PJ? It’s a bad idea! Period. But going to Safari to make this happen is 100 times worse. Does the kid need to die? Oh yes, but there’s a time and place for everything and no one is prepared for a war right now. But here she is again creating problems. At the time, I wasn’t sure what Safari would do, however, at this point he’s desperate. I don’t think that he’ll be stupid enough to step in without a plan but this man has no qualms with using Jin-sook, throwing her away, then lying to her face about his involvement later. I truly just don’t understand why she continuously throws all her eggs in his basket.

Ripgal: No fret chinggu, you don’t have to understand because liking a drama character isn’t about whether he/she perfect or without flaws or anything. There can be thousand of reasons why I like Jin-sook, and vice versa, a million more why others can’t see the same way I do. I do concur with your assessment on her thought process though, in that she doesn’t really give things deeper evaluation before deciding on a plan. But it’s that with humans that not everyone can be as smart or clever as others e.g. Shi-hyun.

Unnichan: It’s true, not everyone is like our boy. I don’t expect them to be but reasoning is important. Also learning from your mistakes. I just don’t understand how we are supposed to understand why she doesn’t.

Ripgal: You think it could be due to the fact that the only person she could think of right off the bat, one who could make it work – Safari? I don’t think it’s about her trusting or believing that he’d do anything for her, but merely because he has the guts to go for the kill? We know she doesn’t have what it takes so might as well use someone else to do it. And me thinks other than her intention to pave way for Shi-hyun, it’s also got something to do about protecting Soo-min, an unni who wants the slimy pervert off her lil sister?

Unnichan: So you expect me to believe she suggested it not believing and trusting he’d do it? Riiiight. I have no problem with her feeling a certain way about PJ and wanting to rid her world of him. We’re all sickened by him but why add more problems to the ones you have. She knows (or should) that Safari can’t be trusted. He won’t live up to what she has in mind. That her end goal and his agenda differ every time they shake hands… Why continue to play?

Ripgal: Lol.  No, I don’t expect a lot from you when it comes to Jin-sook. But you mean Jin-sook not believing Safari would kill Busan? Heck no, don’t think she would have approached him if she didn’t think he could do it.


Unnichan: Ah, Drunk Reporter knows how to push my buttons. Why do people wallow in their selfishness? Does anyone have the monopoly on pain? Sorry kid, you don’t. I promise you aren’t the only one who’s lost someone, watched someone die or been through a traumatic experience. Just because people smile and carry on, doesn’t mean they are unaware of  the darkness and damage of despair. I won’t say that Hyung-min doesn’t come across as someone arrogant, he does but what does arrogance have to do with loss? Sadness?

Ripgal: People are selfish, all humans are, at least that’s what I think. I think it was a good outburst and confrontation, for both Reporter girl and Hyung-min. I’m sure drama’s trying to make something out of them, because I honestly don’t see her relevance in the whole story.

Unnichan: Exactly, people are selfish, everyone knows that, which means we are all aware of it, right? That doesn’t justify her actions and especially her words. We all suffer to some degree. I’d understand if she were still a kid. That’s what parents and elders, or siblings are for, to help teach you how to be a better person and rise above your feelings and inclinations. My issue is that she makes an assumption and a statement she has no right to spout. I can see how you would think it was a good thing and perhaps it was a good thing for Hyung-min to hear how he’s perceived but I’ll never believe it was ok for her to think or say.

Ripgal:  If her purpose is solely for Hyung-min to move on, I kinda like that? haha. I think he’s got some hold on this girl and if he can make her accept things like how he’s trying to, no harm.

Unnichan: I wouldn’t mind the angle they want to create with her. She gives him info and seems to really enjoy what she does. But it’d be better if she wasn’t interested in him. To either have her or his Pros Buddy (merging the characters into one). In stories like these I just don’t see why all the romance is needed. It hampers the story to me. But with Hyung-min, I do believe he lacks compassion for those that don’t deal with crises the way he does. I totally get that, it’s a constant struggle but it doesn’t make his way right or her assumptions permissible.

Ripgal: Don’t think it’s about right or wrong here, it was more about dealing with pain and not knowing about what it feels to have gone through the same harrowing experience? Me thinks either she’s not aware of Kyung-mi’s death, or she’s just too caught up in her own painful experience to think straight. I don’t blame or hate the girl.

Unnichan: From what I remember Yang told her about Kyung-mi but whether he had or not, it’s inconsiderate to assume a person alive doesn’t know what pain is. Everyone does. Whether you’ve lost a parent/family member or been in a near death experience yourself. It’s the assumption that she is the only person that’s ever been hurt. She doesn’t even know this man. He doesn’t have to tell her the specifics of his life in order for her to act like a decent individual. Again, I’d get it if she’d made an off color joke or if she was five but from an adult? No, not giving.

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Unnichan:  Brace yourself…. I really didn’t think this day would come so soon, but alas here we are— I’m pissed at the Doctor. I truly don’t have time for him being concerned about Soo-min, her feelings or what she may or may not know.

Ripgal: Hah, I knew your patience with Shi-hyun’s concern for Soo-min would die sooner or later. I’ve been feeling the same way the last 2 episodes.

Unnichan: Ah Chinggu, you know me all too well! Lol. But, I admit I agree that regardless of why he made the decision, it was the right one to make. This wasn’t the right time to end PJ. Am I mad he’s gone? Oh heck naw! And I knew Eun-soo would get her chance! I know I said she enjoys the kill too much but here, it was exactly the kind of emotion needed. She was relieved but not ecstatic, gratified for the chance to rid the world of him and I couldn’t be happier.

  [JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-58-43]

Ripgal: And you’re right that it’s the right thing to do, he can’t possibly afford to lose the only light he’s got now right? And I don’t really mind the ending of Slimy Jo, he kinda deserved it in some way. Not that I condone killing or anything, but the man’s never gonna stop unless he disappears, just saying. Eun-soo, more cookie points for the girl! And Soo-min was also pretty alert and agile herself, I give her points for trying to tackle the pervert.

Unnichan: This is why Jin-sook and I can’t get along. Why does she think that everyone else is stupid, but she’s not? Especially, when she’s the one constantly getting punked? I mean who did she think Safari would blame this situation on exactly? The Boogie Man? I’m not the smartest cookie, not even close but this lady? Writer is trying my patience. Her inability to see the writing on the wall is astounding. There are better ways to trump a situation without making Jin-sook moronic.

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Ripgal: I think she’s been really consistent so far, that’s how she’s been approaching things all this while (probably that’s why you can’t seem to like this woman at all). I don’t think writer has done much to alter Jin-sook’s characterization, she’s always been portrayed to lack full realization of what’s before her. And as always, she needs Shi-hyun to remind her of the facts.

Unnichan: FINALLY! You get it. And you’re right, he hasn’t changed her and I’m not looking for a change per se, I’m looking for growth. I say it every other episode (even earlier)—- how can you continue to make the same mistake and expect a different result? Also, what on earth made Safari think turning on Kyung-mi’s phone was a good idea? That move reeks of SETUP. I’m thinking this is his desperation coming into play? Cause this is nothing near the Safari we knew before. He’s a little broken. He didn’t get enough rest. Perhaps, he’s as disappointed as I,  he didn’t clock Min and it’s intercepting that clever dubiousness we all know and expect.

Ripgal: He wants to get rid of Shi-hyun’s that’s what. This man’s a cop turned monster, I don’t think he’s already capable of thinking on the right track. All I know he’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself, and perhaps making Shi-hyun the scapegoat is the only way out of this whole mess.


Unnichan: But see, that’s the issue. It feels sloppy and soggy. And it makes no sense. Why would the Doctor’s Son just haphazardly have Kyung-mi’s phone with him when he killed someone? Does that really make sense? And if Hyung-min believes the Doctor was dumb enough to leave that phone there by accident we’re done! No, writer and I are. D.O.N.E! I’m not in the business of understanding dumbing down characters to get the outcome you want. There are other ways to achieve your goal.

Ripgal: It’s a writer’s device, but I didn’t find it as ridiculous funny as Safari’s revelation that Slimy Jo’s the Doctor! HAHHAHAA! That was absolutely incredulous, but you know, it was damn good!

Unnichan: Writer’s laziness you mean but I did like that the Doctor uses it to his advantage, though I’m sure he knows it won’t actually “work.” It just bides time. It keeps idiots like Ahn flapping in the wind, so he can do some (MORE) damage control. Speaking of Ahn, am I the only one who howled when they walk in on Hyung-min and Scale with the gun and he yells all bug-eyed “I knew it! Look he’s at it again!” The man is comic relief. Complete and total!

Unnichan: And you know, that’s another thing, it feels like that’s all the Doctor is up to nowadays, cleaning up messes. Which puts his convo with Min into more perspective. I don’t trust him but you can’t deny he has a point. If he’s always tidying up the spills and kills of those around him, he’ll be Safari in half the time, with more of the bitterness.

Ripgal: It’d be interesting if Shi-hyun goes down that route, turn into something he’s not, someone like Safari? Because like we’ve discussed earlier, it’s not easy to maintain what you’ve been pursuing for without getting down in the dirt itself. I’d so like that to happen to be frank, the breaking down of Shi-hyun, the falling and faltering of everything that you’ve always believed to be true.


Unnichan: And I don’t like this Stick guy. He’s sniveling in front of PJ but then cocky and macho with Soo and the women. Then flips it again with the Doctor. I don’t like it.  Oh and what do you think about that fight scene? I mean I enjoy them for what they are mostly but I just wasn’t for this wimpy thug from a few episodes back, taking on Soo and we’re supposed to buy that everyone is so cool and rugged.

Ripgal: I liked it, I’ve seen too many Korean gangster films to know that they all dress act smartly and cool – to kill.  Hehe.

Ripgal: But last scene, yes! Finally, the revelation I’ve been hoping for!

Unnichan: Yea. It felt like it came right on time. With the choices they both made this episode, it was pretty perfect. Can’t wait to see what he does with this information. Can we expect him to start using her now? Or will he do his best to protect her? I vote the first. But I’m sure it’ll be a bit of both.

[JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-39-11][JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-41-04][JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-44-26][JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-43-42]

Unnichan: On one last note… The fashion of this drama is very interesting. I’ve noticed it from the beginning but not being very interested in fashion personally, I didn’t comment. However, Soo’s hot pink jacket this episode had me in such hysterics, I thought I’d mention it. Even set design is eye catching with just enough flash. Jin-sook is perhaps the best dressed female, while Scale and Safari are the most interesting males. It’s a combination of gangster trash and chic.

[JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-43-59][JTBC] 무정도시.E12.130702.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-43-09]

Ripgal: I love love all of Jin-sook’s outfits! And her fit BOD! But so totally spot on about Soo’s pink and red jackets, he probably needs ’em to command more attention? He knows our eyes are almost always on Shi-hyun and Shi-hyun alone. And all the man needs, his man-liner and his suits, we’re dead! ;P

Who? Me?

Rip and Chan: Yes, you!

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