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The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

A064_C003_0413GCOften, when I see this Oppa, I wonder, how does he do it? How is it possible to look better today, than when he debuted? Has he found some spring well hidden in the crevice of the earth secret from the rest of mankind? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not concerned about my age or getting older in the traditional sense… What I’m concerned about is how he continues to look amazing and what effects that fact will have on my aging body and psyche.

Yes, yes, I can’t begrudge the man for taking care of himself and honestly, what can he really do about the blessing of his genes? But seriously Oppa, all I need is for you to think of me, just think of me (well, us) just once in awhile— hanbon mahn is all we need. Call? Continue reading The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa