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The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa


Down to the final two and tomorrow begins our first full official week of the 2016!!

For this Oppa, I wonder what a regular work week looks like for him. Many of the Oppas on our list are double dippers—working full time in two arenas but not all are considered charismatic, talented actors. He began as a model and transitioned into acting, which to be honest, I don’t think there’s a camera that doesn’t love him. His screen presence is fiery and he’s able to create characters that are comedic and sexy all wrapped into one.


Whether on the runway or the big or small screen, he commands attention with his confidence and demeanor. Even better, he acts as influence and encouragement to other models like, himself who would like to pursue acting careers.
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Happy Holidays! (Grateful Post #2)

You saw my relief, now here’s my grateful. The year is over in only a few days and there is still so much to say but overall … It’s been a wonderful year!

Before I begin, I must mention that I’m the most thankful that there have been faithful readers dropping to see what I may have say, no matter how silly, pointless or witless. I am terribly thankful for all your comments, glances and lurking. This year of dramas has been much more fun and rewarding with you all around! I truly hope we can all continue this in the coming year.

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