jab we met diwale dulhana taker: begins

to kick off discussion, let’s start with two similar but extremely entertaining Hindi films(Bollywood movies). both films are worth watching and adoring, despite but preferably for their similarities. we’ll take a journey through both stories, taking into consideration, time period, characters, etc. each film has its own lovable quality, making it all the more enjoyable to pick apart and savor. both of these films are Hindi in language(with sprinkles of Punjabi) and rich with Indian culture, thought, food and religion.  the best thing about a “Bollywood” film is all these things are wrapped in a 2-3 hr musical draped with rom-com nutty goodness. obviously this will most definitely be a multi-post endeavor, however i hope that it will be fun, thought-provoking and stinking wonderful to dive into these movies i’ve thoroughly enjoyed countless times. and if either, isn’t on any of your lists of great storytelling, great chemistry, all time favorite or classic, then let’s try our best to add one(or both)… IMMEDIATELY! Continue reading jab we met diwale dulhana taker: begins

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