The Top Five

I like to group things together, and trying to pick my all time favorite films, dramas, actors, stories is just “silly!” Listen, I CAN’T DO IT! However what I can do is find a way to include all the things that love by giving them some type of ridiculous grouping. This way of dealing with my non-committal personality works for me.

**Just as an aside, I don’t mind dropping dramas at any point throughout their run, however I usually stick around a certain amount of episodes before I decide to drop them (5) Kdramas, (2) Jodoramas, (1-2) Taiwanese, (1) Lakhorn. The amount varies due to my interest in the drama type and length. Kdramas usually need a sec to get their bearings and have longer running times, whereas Japanese dramas tend to get going quicker and end faster(length and showings), while Taiwanese dramas if draggy in the first couple, can usually guarantee the tone of the piece regardless of the length. Lakhorns are pretty new to me for now so if I feel iffy about the first ep., I see no point in continuing.

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To help you navigate–

  • Lists are my opinions only.
  • Dramas are listed in categories.

– this doesn’t mean a specific drama doesn’t fit in any other category. For example, I may list Capital Scandal in “Dullest” drama category but that doesn’t mean its not a favorite or I hated it. I list dramas according to where they fit best for me as a viewer.

  • Not all lists are complete.
  • Lists are not exhaustive.
  • Lists are subject to change.

-these last 3 points actually work together. Being that I’ve seen several dramas, not all dramas make a list or category. Some categories are hard to complete for the simple fact that I can’t add any drama I’ve seen to finish off the list. Therefore,  dramas will be added and/or taken away as dramas air or I finish older dramas I’ve begun or want to see.

  • Categories may vary.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share your picks.



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