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Day*12: Favorite Story

For me, every drama is about the stories and the characters within them. I have to admit I enjoy characters a bit more that storyline, but stories are what brings us to the table right? And honestly, I’ve thought long and hard about what this day was supposed to encompass, because seriously, what was/is my favorite story? Do I even truly have one? Does favorite story mean favorite drama or just my favorite story that “became” a drama? Is it a drama/story I haven’t mentioned in a previous Challenge entry? And the list goes on and on…

Well, as you can tell, I’m pretty pensive and actually finally came up with an answer.

D*12: Fav Story

Day*01 Revisited: Favorite Drama

As I’m sure you noticed, I’ve taken a hiatus from the challenge (and the site), though it was purposeful, it definitely wasn’t meant to be this long. Therefore, I’m glad to be back in the swing of sorts. Going through the challenge, however, I’ve had to really think through my choices and make some hard decisions. There are so many dramas and characters especially, that I’ve just loved and having to make definitive choices is just plain hard.

If you’ve noticed at the end of some of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned a “runner-up” or a “nomination” for that day. Those dramas or characters were close seconds or worthy of their own moment in the spotlight so I plan on revisiting some days (perhaps all) to shine a little light on them as well. These posts won’t be nearly as long and won’t be as consistent as the challenge. But anytime I need a little extra time to give more thought to the current day, I may drop in a “Revisited” post as a filler.


Day *11(.3): Favorite Dialogue

When I decided to split this day into parts, I had no idea how hard this part was going to be. I truly have picked one of the hardest dramas to choose a piece of dialogue from. With most dramas there are several gripes and complaints about characters and follow-thru but this drama hits all the right buttons, even if you don’t agree with every move or thought. It was definitely hard to narrow down which piece of speak I wanted to yap about but I enjoyed every minute of revisiting one of the best portrayals of best friends on television, making me wish to see a grown-up  Vada and Thomas.

D*11.3: Fav Dialogue