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Fitoor: The Music

I’ve been pretty quiet about Abhishek Kapoor‘s adaption of Dickens‘ Great Expectations, Fitoor [trans: passion,obsession], for several reasons but since the new year began with a showcase for the film, I thought I’d scoot on over and check how things have come together. The preview dropped about a week ago,  along with track, Yeh Fitoor Mera but it seems that the most buzz is coming from Pashmina which was released only a few hours of me writing this.


Now, I’ll be honest and say that when I first laid eyes on this latest poster, a still taken directly from the Pashmina video, it gave me nothing but Dirty Dancing deja vu, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, I couldn’t help but wonder how that would correspond with what I hoped this film would pan out to be… And then, I watched the video. Continue reading Fitoor: The Music

Game of Thrones Season 4 Airs Tomorrow!


Uh, so Sunday nights are about to get more dangerous and the sadist in me can’t wait!!! Game of Thrones: Season 4 airs in under 24 hrs. and though the wait has been long, it’s always worth it. Soon, we’ll be trekking through Westeros with the Stark kids (there’s one at every corner remember?), thumbing our nose at Margery, praying Stannis will finally listen to Davos before he’s turned by the Red Witch or counting the days till Joffrey commits another heinous crime.

But while we wait, we can set the mood.

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Highway: The Music

HwyPosterLike all Bollys a film’s official music launch is months before the film’s release, so audiences can get a taste and feel for the film, sometimes even before an official trailer.

Imtiaz Ali’s new project Highway hit theaters over a month ago but its music actually released a month before. However, it’s definitely true that looks can be deceiving for from the stills , I was looking for more instrumental scores and moody pieces. So color me shocked when my eardrum pops to club beats and dance mixes!

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Supaburoot Jutathep: The Music

When it comes to Lakorns, I rarely (and until this year), never watch currently airing programs. It’s just not worth it just yet for me, being there’s so much material already released and also because subs are virtually unreliable or the pace too slow for easy weekly or binge viewing. Therefore, it wasn’t until early this year, that I finally finished the two most popular series releases of last year Three Musketeers and The Gentlemen of Jutathep.
Both I greatly enjoyed for different reasons but found that the Gentlemen left a much larger impression on me, not only through their stories but by way of its series’ soundtrack. Now that I’ve seen my favorite parts of the series an innumerable amount of times at this point, I thought it was about time, I shared a little of my Jutathep love with you along with the entire soundtrack.

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