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I created this page really just to give you guys an opportunity to ask me or anyone else that frequents this site any questions you might have about dramas, film, books, music or life. Sometimes we just want a place we can ask our drama questions without ridicule or a mikkiins minds and answers. I’ve been watching dramas for a very ling time and consumed and discarded more than I can even begin to count now. So feel free to ask you will get an answer!
I leave it open to you guys to decide what is discussed here. Just remember to be kind and no question is dumb enough NOT to be answered.


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12 Replies to “ask withsubsplease”

  1. My craziest thing? Well though I’m sure we all have several stories, I’ll share one I’m still in awe I accomplished(and entirely too old to repeat)…
    It was over some holiday or something a couple years ago and I had come back to my mom’s house. It was winter and the heat in my room was out so I would float from room to room.This night I was with my sister and I had just started Cain and Abel a couple hrs prior. Well, I was really the only one on extended holiday, so my family had to work in the morning and was all in bed, therefore my plan was to get in a couple more eps and turn in as well.
    My sister can’t sleep with any speck of light, so, in a corner I propped up an old comforter over a chair and an ottoman creating a little hut for me, my comp and So Ji Sub. Little did I know, this rig would turn into a smudging tent! I sat under that thing nibbling on half n half Oreos and Cheetos, swigging ginger ale and pouring sweat but somehow I was so sucked into “Sub sadness,” I forgot all about sleep and the heat. Fourteen hrs later, I emerged dehydrated and exhausted, finishing C&A in a total of 23hrs.
    While I melted away in my pitch black cave, the sun had come up and my house emptied — I don’t remember anything but Oh Gang-ho, Lee Sun-woo and tears. Till this day, I still don’t know if perhaps I said “Have a nice day” doped up on caffeine free Schweppes as my sister left for work or why no one peeped under that thing to make sure I was still breathing. LOL! Some things I guess we may never know 🙂

    Anyone else?

      1. Haha. Honestly, I’m a little ashamed I did this. But, when you’re in the throws of something you really don’t notice how caught up you are, ne?

  2. True, though I’ve never done anything as crazy as that.

    BTW, would you recommend Kehas See Daeng? I want to watch it because of Andrew, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I’m certain, however, that one day I’ll watch it when I find time to do that.

    1. If you like Andrew, it’s worth the watch. I’ve yet to see a performance with him, that I was disappointed by. I go into more detail in “LLL” (I just updated) but my initial thoughts rang true throughout the entire story for me. There were one or two major issues I had with the story but those were personal pet peeves that crop up in almost all dramas.

      If you do get around to watching, let me know! I’d love to hear what you thought.

      1. I love Andrew. Since I was introduced to him in 2000, I’ve seen everything he’s in since then and beyond (anything earlier than that was too old for me lol). The only ones I haven’t seen are Sadud Rak and Kehas See Daeng. Oh, and Game Loon Rak. I caught the first episode, I think, but I moved houses around that time, so I can’t remember where I put my copy. I’ll probably watch KSD if I can find a decent copy somewhere. I can’t wait for his upcoming lakorns!

      2. I watched both on Youtube through the Andrew Gregson FC channel. I download from YT as well. GLR was insane with no plot and mostly disjointed isolated episodes but I laughed tremendously cause it was all in good fun.
        And don’t get me started on “Mafia.” Andrew and Taew?! Aaah! But I’m actually looking forward to the entire series. His newest (next) drama seems interesting as well and I like the extended cast so I’ll probably check that one out as well.

  3. Well I can understand why GLR wouldn’t have a plot. It’s a sitcom, so it’s supposed to be in good fun with one major theme running through it (which, if I can sort of remember it, was the whole dynamics between the leads and the show they were hosting(?)).

    I know, right? Andrew and Taew! I so can’t wait.

    1. Hello TheQuietTurtle!
      Stone Cities is still very important to both of the site’s bloggers, however, Lore is the one who posts on RM. And currently, her personal and familial priorities and obligations leave her little time to post. That also means collaborative reviews with Ekun are on hold as well. As for Ekun and I (Unnichan) to be honest, we haven’t seen a drama recently we wanted to discuss. But when we do, believe me, we will certainly have something up that will be shared on both sites.
      For now, all I can say is pray for your beloved bloggers; for they are all living their real lives, to which at times, the reel world can only sit back and take notes 😉

      1. Oh thanks for answering. I really like the blog and been checking back for a while so i got worried that something happened. I know how hard it is to keep up in the kdrama or kpop world since im in college. But say thanks for me to everyone because y’all are funny and i love how much y’all love kdramas. Also tell Lore to hang in there and that’s she awesome 🙂

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