Fitoor: The Music

I’ve been pretty quiet about Abhishek Kapoor‘s adaption of Dickens‘ Great Expectations, Fitoor [trans: passion,obsession], for several reasons but since the new year began with a showcase for the film, I thought I’d scoot on over and check how things have come together. The preview dropped about a week ago,  along with track, Yeh Fitoor Mera but it seems that the most buzz is coming from Pashmina which was released only a few hours of me writing this.


Now, I’ll be honest and say that when I first laid eyes on this latest poster, a still taken directly from the Pashmina video, it gave me nothing but Dirty Dancing deja vu, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, I couldn’t help but wonder how that would correspond with what I hoped this film would pan out to be… And then, I watched the video.

The video is absolutely beautiful, from the palette to shots. However, the star of the these few short minutes is Katrina Kaif. She commands every moment with ease and grace, gliding from frame to frame. The dance itself (being compared heavily to Ed Sheeran‘s Thinking Out Loud) isn’t the draw, with a combination of ballet and interpretative dance but more, it is what Kaif does with each step and physical expression. The song itself is equally beautiful and knows it, but I have to admit of the two released, Yeh Fitoor Mera resonates on a deeper level. Which to me proves, the producers know exactly what they’re doing! Still not sure what exactly to think of the film itself, but my expectations slipped up a notch or two on these releases alone. 

Check out YFM‘s trailer music video along with the full audio and film stills below.  

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