The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa


Do you hear that?

♫Girls you know you better watch out
Some guys, some guys are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing♫

Now, of course, Lauryn’s context is completely different but “that thing” is certainly the line I hear in my head, when this Oppa breezes by. There is just something about him. He has that thing, that thing about him, that makes him simply irresistible. For years, he was known to be aloof, quiet and stand-offish, until recently when he’s begun to open up and embrace his star status revealing his intelligent, witty side.

He’s also branched and become the CEO of his own company [which he plans to use to groom budding talents], has more than just a passing interest in travel and photography and has even ventured to fulfill his dream of entering the hip hop scene, rapping under the alias G, under which, he has released several solo and collaborative EPs. sjs_dcholiday2015-06_zpswp71vszq

But, with all of that, he’s still best known for his roles in forever and cult classics like I’m Sorry, I Love You and What Happened In Bali (and rightfully so). Even now, he’s carving a nice niche for himself as charming and funny in Oh My Venus, which aired its penultimate episode today.

Like I said before, this list has fallen on perfect days, for as we say “Hello” to a new year, we will also bid “Farewell” to our #1 Oppa. Unfortunately our list isn’t all inclusive because individually and collectively this list could probably sustain us all the way until March, therefore, just like we had to have a starting point, there must be an end.


Name: So Ji-Sub

Oppa Cred:  November 4, 1977

New Year Notice: Coaching

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in a brief cameos for Lee Jong-ik film The Throne and Hong Sisters’ drama, Warm and Cozy; currently available for one more night in KBS2 drama Oh My Venus.sjs_dcholiday2015-09_zpsfhwoxgh4

Unnichan: We made it to the end of our countdown… How do you feel?

Ekun: At this current moment, pissed as hades at the last Oppa on the countdown! That has everything to do with the fact that I just finished watching the latest episode of Oh My Venus. Bastard.


Unnichan: You know, Oppa really is doing a lot. I mean I honestly never thought he’d be able to touch Master in terms of rom-com portrayal category but… Well, then he became Young-ho.sjs_dcholiday2015-20_zpsb0sawxdfsjs_dcholiday2015-11_zpsnbsjy2kh

Ekun: I want you all to read the words on this post very carefully: I hate Young-ho-nim, Coach-nim, Hyung, and So Ji-sub Oppa! He has ruined my life, yet again, in 2015. *Tears, wailing, fist shake*

Unnichan: Oh I definitely hate Young-ho! And every week I want to hate Oppa. I even say I do, but naw… I love So Ji-sub. There’s just something about the man that makes me stuck to him. I think it’s because he had to grow on me. I didn’t think much of him until Rough Cut. After that, I was hypnotized.


sjs_dcholiday2015-08_zpst04yn3quEkun: This is why we always get in trouble! Why you mentioning Rough Cut?! You know I love that movie. Plus my all time boo Kang Ji-hwan was in it?! Lawrd! But seriously, Ji-sub Oppa shows his tail every time he is in front of the camera, I totally appreciate that. He seems like he takes what he does seriously… And if he doesn’t he has the masses fooled, hoodwinked, and bamboozled.sjs_dcholiday2015-03_zps9fs4dtvy

sjs_dcholiday2015-19_zpshyyhwxhfUnnichan: For awhile there, I was feeling he was taking things a little too seriously. All his roles were broody and moody and though I will watch him, no matter what, I like that he’s venturing into territory that showcases another level of his craft and his work. I doubt he’ll ever do full on comedy but his last rom-com roles have been a complete delight. And while rom-com isn’t even my “go-to” genre, I believe actors, stretch themselves. Being melancholic and believable is just as difficult as being bumbling and charismatic. Think I’d love to see some more dark humor from him, truly.sjs_dcholiday2015-16_zpszsokxq3ysjs_dcholiday2015-18_zps5cwk6adwsjs_dcholiday2015-17_zpso2rh3z8i



Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks0921668a-7e80-46db-85ae-3c7608ed5650_zpskw5wplgv

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Wookie YEAUZ!!! It is the most Wookiful time of the year! When is that? All year long boo! Hahaha! There is a special place in hell for actors like Lee Dong Wook Oppa. Not because he is a bad person; simply because he makes you want to veer off the path of righteousness to do whatever with him. Right or wrong, night or day, US or Korea!

dw_dcholiday2015-03Dong Wook Oppa is another one that teeters the fine line between cute and sexy, adorable and dangerous, damn and dammit! In his last drama Bubblegum, I was distracted… a lot. Could it be because the story dragged a bit? Because the only thing I wanted was a happy ending? Or was it Oppa? While it was likely all 3, I want to put the entire blame on him.dw_dcholiday2015-01


Sorry Oppa, love you lots and lots. That is why I place blame.


And that is that! While we say things like “hate”, “bastard”, and throw out threats, it is truly because we love and respect these actors, artist, and eye candy. We wish them all the best and strongly desire to see them this year or in the future! Had loads of fun with Unnichan and Drama Debussie debriefing on favorite oppas—we should probably do a list of our favorite not oppas? Stay tuned—be classy and watch dramas!



2 Replies to “The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa”

  1. That man is an excellent choice for your No.1! Bravo, ladies!! The painful hours that I went through that odd drama called Love of Thousands Years speaks volumes about my endless admiration for SJS. I first “met” him in Rough Cut and, despite the fact that all I wanted to see was a good Ki-duk Kim’s story, it ended up being love at first sight with SJS. Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a mysterious Scorpio (who, by the way, is growing up so gracefully and, as a woman myself, I have a soft spot for this kind of men) that he still have an aura of someone who just wants to express himself through his work and his work alone. All I wish for our “oppa” is an amazing role in a period film/drama in ’16 (and a wonderful girl, even though I’m sure that would make me feel so sad)^^

    Happy New Beginning to all of you!! 🙂

    1. This entire list began with the decision to make this Oppa #1! We love him so much in Oh My Venus, and I dedicate a song to him (oddly always Anita Baker) character Master… You just can’t get no better than SJS in 2015! Glad he ended and entered my year.

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