The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa



Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday! The new year snuck up on me so quickly, I’ve barely had time to digest the year that’s passed, let alone think about what is in store for this new one. What about you? Have you swept 2015 away, ready to face 2016? As always, my prayer is that this year is better for you than the last, that you learn from your mistakes and live and love greater, with more conviction, purpose and understanding! And of course, may we watch dramas happily and enjoy stories to their fullest in the upcoming year!

*FYI: Our next Oppa and Ekun’s Bonus are actually close friends in real life… Ah, who doesn’t like starting the new year with a bromance?!


Seriously, this list is beginning to scare me, for as we’ve already established, there always has to be a first and this Oppa was more certainly mine— img_0799_zpsctcwdswrThe first Oppa Unni has ever loved. And the first always has a soft and sore spot in your drama life, not necessarily because they can do no wrong, but because there was something about them that made you love them, whether it was his smile, his looks or his craft. For me, it was the work. His character Park Tae-in in Hello, My Teacher (Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy) was raw and rebellious much like his performance and my  admiration for this Oppa’s grip on character portrayal has done nothing but increase.


However, for the masses, his recognition came in what I’m sure we can now call a drama classic, for Coffee Prince, may not have been an extreme hit when it aired, it is the drama that skyrocketed him to the dream lover list of all newbie drama watchers everywhere. The international success of that drama is still rather epic and though there were several things at work to make that happen, Oppa bringing to life Choi Han-gyul and expressing his emotional layers and vulnerability is one the most remembered aspects of that show. Unfortunately, with the failure of his last drama Big and the audience backlash (which seemed to put a pretty bad taste in his mouth), Oppa has spread his wings in Chungmuro, with a string of solid projects and accolades and I don’t forsee a venture back to Dramaland any time soon.


Name: Gong Yoo (Gong Ji-chul)

Oppa Cred: July 10, 1979

New Year Notice: Provoking

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in For Busan; look for him this year in A Man and a Woman opposite Jeon Do-yeon and Secret Agent



Unnichan: Can I be honest real quick? I hate Gong Yoo.

Drama Debussie: I love him but I don’t like him sometimes for all the feeling he brings up in me.gy_dcholiday2015-15_zps8rb5zbvh

Ekun: There are so many things I can’t do in this world: Play a guitar, make a perfect omelet, or sleep when it is hot. But I cannot add Gong Yoo to the “Can’t List”!gy_dcholiday2015-06_zpsvnxsevuygy_dcholiday2015-05_zpsgmux0uh9

Unnichan: In one of his recent mag spreads he’s basically just living life and I realized— I really hate this man. I hate seeing him smile. I hate that he can cook. I hate him walking around doing photoshoots with my love Do-yeon. Everything he does, just pisses me off.


gy09_zps2ld5skdjDrama Debussie: I especially hate that his body was in the best shape ever when he was doing Big. The last thing I want to do is relive that hot mess, but how is a hot-blooded woman supposed to ignore that body that he put on display in the drama. And then got the nerve to be the most charming mofo on the block!  Like, how dare you, sir.gy_dcholiday2015-04_zps58cfj3uv

Ekun: I understand you Unnichan and DD, because sometimes I want to stab him, but still then nurse him back to health. I just called my therapist to discuss this. *Sigh*





Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks:


It is the new year, and I want to bring it in with Jo In-sung! Every time I see him in my mind, he running up and down the streets of wherever with beautiful long winter coats. Slight gruff on his face, a bit a red on his nose due to the coldness of the air. Thick eyebrows over his almost glassy eyes. is_dcholiday2015-02_zpsxlenc5qbIt’s not that wind, but the literal wind that makes it look like he is on the brink of tears. *sigh*

In Sung Oppa is a personal favorite of mine. Every single role I see him in, not only do I fall hard for his character, I fall for him! Yes… Even in
Frozen Flower. For the last few years, In-sung has been on a role with the drama choices. is_dcholiday2015-04_zpsrztvnceiI am so looking forward to his upcoming drama Dear My Friends this year with Go Hyun-jung and Lee Kwang Soo! As soon as we get through January, February, March, and April….


I don’t play pool or billiards Oppa, but one can learn if you are the teacher. *wink*


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3 Replies to “The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa”

  1. Happy New Year, ladies!
    And what a beginning! I love, LOVE both of them (and yet, I know which one of them is better in terms of acting- I just don’t dare to choose). Thank you for those fantastic photos of those fantastic male species. 😉

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