The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa



This Oppa is the perfect man to end 2015 with because he is the Oppa I have seen the most of this year. He chose to lead two consecutive long running sageuks and that fact alone should prove that this man loves his job! His passion for what he does and his outlook on his work is impressive. Just about as much as his dedication to his family and loyalty to his tight-knit set of friends. He’s an actor that believes that doing your best from opportunity to opportunity is the best form of doing well.

In a recent interview, when asked about what he’d do “next,” referring to something after acting, he admits that has never thought of doing anything else, but he is always thinking of what is next. For he sees being an actor as being a freelancer, therefore, he needs to constantly be aware of how he presents himself from project to project so that people will desire to work with him again— “That’s the only way I get ‘next.'”

Name: Jang Hyuk

Oppa Cred:  December 20, 1976

New Year Notice: Impelling

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen— Every second of 2015. Dramaland: Shine or Go Crazy and The Great Merchant Gaekju; for Chungmuro he released Empire of Lust.

Ekun: If there was a man that swept me off my feet with the last 2 dramas I seen them in, it was Jang Hyuk. He made me adore the show Fated to Love You (because the Taiwanese version was ludicrous) and Shine or Go Crazy had me thinking the wrong is right! I was encouraging infidelity every single episode! Hawt A** mess.

Unnichan: Uh… *side-eye* I wasn’t sold on the adultery but I can agree I greatly enjoyed him in both dramas. I was quite surprised that Shine or Go Crazy was so enjoyable and that FTLY felt fresh and new, even though it so wasn’t. It just came across so well. And I loved seeing he and Jang Nara back together too.

Ekun: You know I hated Ethan Ruan in the Taiwanese version of FTLY… I adored Jang Hyuk as Gun! Jang Hyuk, in every role I see him in, does something to me. But Shine or go Crazy when he called her the love of his life convinced me that phrase can get you anywhere with me! It ain’t right!

Unnichan: Jang Hyuk is one another that distracts me. I have yet to watch him in a drama (films are another beast), where I don’t need to take a minute to clear my head and get my mind right. It was terrible in SoGC!!! That Asian silky was killer! Lol.

Ekun: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Look, he was killer. Saying all sorts of crap out his mouth, looking at people like, laughing infectiously… All around bastard if you ask me. Sorry Oppa, I mean bastard in the most respectable damning way.

Unnichan: I’m sure Oppa understands. He knows what’s up. He better! It’s been a good year for him, 2016 needs to be littered with him too!


Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks:

Ever since I saw him on We Got Married with Seol Bi, I knew he was my number one favorite Shinhwa member! He has the seemingly calm personality, but he don’t “play” those games… I love men like that the most!

While I do not share Unnichan’s weakness for rappers, the fact that Andy is one of the rappers is another bonus for me! All I want to see Oppa do is be with Shinhwa, continuing their shenanigans and making music.

What? I would never lie to you Oppa.



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