The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

kkw_dcholiday2015-01_zps0p1oifzsWhere do I begin with this Oppa? To be honest, I don’t even know where we began but I do know that my Dramasphere became brighter, the moment I met him. For he’s an actor that I would consider embodies his roles, then leaves them in their world, once the credits roll. He fascinates me with his ability to infuse even the most diabolic characters with rational thought and feeling, without evoking the need for sympathy.

Thankfully, for drama lovers, Oppa toggles films and dramas well, though kkw_dcholiday2015-10_zpsl1mjlp6whis presence in films is more consistent, releasing two to three films a year. Doing this list has helped me realize even more that I enjoy darker stories with even darker characters, therefore, I am usually drawn to actors that are able to bring that to life in ways that demands I pay attention. Oppa, I am so grateful you are on the top of that list for me!

kkw_dcholiday2015-04_zpsdnpem2mdName: Kim Kang-woo

Oppa Cred: July 11, 1978

New Year Notice: Wheedling

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in Chungmuro with The Treacherous and Dramaland in OCN crime thriller Missing Noir M, currently anticipated in another villainous role in 2016 with MBC drama Goodbye, Mr. Black.


Ekun: So everyone was in love with Boys over Flowers in 2009, but Kim Kang-woo in Story of a Man (Slingshot) was hands down the best thing about 2009! Sometimes, I still think of Cha Do Woo in my dreams. Kang-woo is another versatile strong actor. He seems rather selective with the roles he takes, and I like that.


Unnichan: I think Kim Kang-woo has that effect with his roles. They aren’t just memorable, they become apart of your memory. His characters reside somewhere within your head, where you can’t forget them. Cha Do-woo is like that, Nam-hae and like we could ever forget… Rainbow Eyes is most definitely like that. 


Ekun: Girl! You mentioned Rainbow Eyes?! I was trying to be good and not bring it up. Kang-woo might take roles I don’t get to see, but when I get the chance—it’s on!


Unnichan: I had too! Because of that film alone he’s practically a household name! It’s sad we don’t get to see everything he does but honestly, I don’t mind too much. ‘Cause I know whatever I get the chance to see will be worth it. And I can’t wait for Goodbye Mr. Black!!! Seriously I’m hoping it’s a Do-woo 2.0 since we’ll never get a Slingshot 2.


Ekun: I am so excited for Goodbye Mr. Black! My favorite Kang-woo is a villain like character. *blows a kiss to Do-woo*




Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picksbe293df1-efc7-4a56-93c8-2e4fc4383c41_zpsseez8iw0

My. High. Is. Epik! Indeed! I love the men of Epik High for so many reasons. All you need to remember about these Oppas are they are DOPE! If you have not heard one of their hits, you have been under a rock for too long! Go forth and listen to Epik High!fullscreen20capture2012292015207232720pm-bmp_zpspz8fqq0z

And I really REALLY wanted to catch them in concert, but those tickets for NYC? Couldn’t swing it with travel expenses… Sorry. Still love you! Come to DC!

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