The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

yks_dcholiday2015-04bIf you wish upon a star, you get nothing. But if you start your k-drama watching with Yoon Kye-sang, you enter withdrawals! Yoon Kye-sang is one of the most adorable Oppas for many reasons! He is well known for his early days in the group g.o.d. Lives were shattered when he left, but hope sprang in our hearts when he decided to start acting.

While he had a humble beginning, he has starred in quite a few favorites such as: The Greatest Love, Who Are You?, and High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged. He even accomplished winning an award in 2004 for Flying Boys. Here are the stats for this oppa: 

Name: Yoon Kye-sang

Oppa Cred:  December 20, 1978

New Year Notice: Tantalizing 

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in Dramaland with action thriller Last, on his tearful reunion tour with his g.o.d. group mates and in Chungmuro Love Guide for Dumpees.IMG_7704

Ekun: Another one that had me laid up like a 2 dolla crack ho in the summer of 2008 was Yoon Kye Sang! I was constantly having to combat the sadness of Crazy for You with German Chocolate ice cream because of him. Every time I see Yoon Kye-sang I want to smile. Not just because I get to see him, but because there is something infectious about him as a whole? Do you feel that Unnichan?yks_dcholiday2015-09 

Unnichan: Exactly. I’m not sure that many have that appeal but from the first time I saw him, I’ve felt that way (waaaay back in his g.o.d. days). For me, you can just see how hard he works and he has that smile. But it’s mostly the effort you see come through on-screen.  It’s not futile effort either. He sells his roles and makes you admire the strength of his characters each and every time. And it’s that gift that made one of his first dramas, think it was his second?— my favorite drama.

Ekun: You right. When he plays a character I hate, I hate them. When he plays a character I love, I need them. That is hard to do as consistently as Kye-sang has pulled it off. I so look forward to his future projects… Fingers crossed the next one is a rom-com!

Unnichan: Last was one of my favorite K-dramas this year, but it’s true, I would love to see him in a lead for a rom-com. You know, one where I can tumblr_lm915huYRX1qbcxw3o1_500love him unabashedly and not have to feel bad for him because he isn’t Dokgo Jin and all. Seriously, I’m not the SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) type tumblr_lmn4gqMHXp1qfakbgo1_500but he has definitely made me think a time or two. Either way, it’s great that Oppa has reconnected with g.o.d. and they are doing their thing again… I need to check out that album. Ekun: I promise these Oppas keep giving me the side eye I don’t want to see!


Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks

Dear drama gods: please make a show where Ji Suk actually gets the girl. *cracks coconut* amen. I have loved him from the first moment I saw him. He has the witchcraft ability to be sexy and adorable… I hate those types the most, but they make me so weak!

Ji Suk Oppa often plays that questionable role that either you hate or find misunderstood. I for one, will NEVER get over the catastrophe of I Need Romance 2012 and how they played my boo Ji Suk! It is the pinnacle of why I beseech the drama gods when I hear him playing a second lead or dual lead role.

While I have no immediate plans to go out of my way to catch this Oppa in his past roles that I neglected, I am looking forward to some of his goodness in 2016! Hopefully I will get a chance to see him.

Oppa! That is bad for my health!


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