The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

This Oppa is legendary— well, at least in the Hallyu wave, as the leader of the longest active pop group in Korea, Shinhwa (circa 1998) and one of the first K-poppers to transition respectively into acting. Back when N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys were making pop music popular in America again, Shinhwa set off to top the charts in their own country and have remained visual and relevant from that point on. Pop music has drastically changed over the years and so have the boys. All five members served their mandatory military service and came back together releasing their tenth album and commemorating ten years as group mates with The Return with great acclaim soldifying their spot as matured artists. 

And while I could gladly speak volumes about how much I love Shinhwa (cause I do), their eldest member, Eric has a special place in my heart. For, he has not only been able to maintain a presence on the music scene, whether producing, writing or spearheading their namesake company, he has also managed to endear himself as an actor as well. Like many entertainers, he has a degree in Theatre and Film and several awards under his belt which basically makes him an all around entertainer. 

My relationship with Oppa can be summed up with his verse in one of my favorite tracks from The Return album “Move With Me:”

Yea, now you know who gonn’ love you right
And when your man lookin’ through your clothes
And hug you tight, girl I wish you would
Even though I know you wouldn’t.
Why stop, keep it going, even though I we shouldn’t

Name: Eric Mun (Moon Jung-hyuk)

Oppa Cred: February 16, 1979

New Year Notice: Spitting

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in The Discovery of Romance, currently in the studio preparing for Shinhwa’s 13th studio album and resting up from their recent WE summer tour. 

Unnichan: I’m not sure how many people know this, but I have a proclivity and dare I say innate weakness for Asian rappers. Yes, Asian rappers (only). It has something to do with the tonality of their voices, coupled with the rhythmic quality of most Asian languages. Anywhooo, Eric is just _________ [insert squee and positive adjectives]. 

Drama Debussie: Panty dropping-worthy. Leave your tired boyfriend-worthy. Will those work? I had no idea that was a weakness of yours, but considering this man is my Future Ex-Husband #2, I get it. I’ll be honest, when I first started stalking him I didn’t know he was in a band which is probably for the best. I found him adorable in Super Rookie, lust-worthy in Phoenix and certified stalking material in Que Sera Sera. Don’t ever let this man anywhere near me. Or you can and we’ll just see what happens.

Ekun: Hahahaha! I am scared for Eric Oppa. But if he did the crime, he has to receive just punishment. While he is not my favorite Shinhwa member, I do love him lots. He sexy, he raps, he looks like he smells good. I know that last one is creepy, but don’t act like you never had that moment with someone… Hoping to get a whiff of them because your ovaries are in a tickle. *silence for processing* Yeah, I thought so.


Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks

I adore Park Hae Jin. Not just as an actor but as a humanitarian. He always amazes me when I hear the good things he is doing here and there. But I do love his acting as well. I am late to his career, as an actor, only seeing him in seeing him in My Lover From Another Star first, but good things come to those who wait… He is my good thing. And did anyone else happen to catch him in Bad Guys?! Astounding how he could scare and excite me with one glance!

I am super excited to catch him in Cheese in a Trap! Ironically, he was courted to do Scholar Who Walks at Night first; he turned it down—I was depressed for months! But Jun Ki was a great choice as well. Park Hae Jin will always get the courtesy of me turning on at least one episode of his shows. Hell, I turned on Dr. Stranger and still had to suffer through too many episodes to catch a glimpse of him! Isn’t that a form of devotion?

Is that a “No” Oppa?



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