The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

Can you believe we’re at our Top 10 Oppas?! How fun has it been getting the chance to show some love for these guys?

Now we’ve come to an Oppa, that like our #18, probably shouldn’t be considered an Oppa at all but referring to him as anything else just seems wrong and too distant. And he is certainly not a man I want to create any more distance from (there’s already an entire ocean!). 

His birthday is fast approaching so I’ll just take this opportunity to give him a  shout out for health and happiness— Here’s hoping for a sensational year Oppa! 생일 축하 해요!!! Saengil Chukhahamida!

*Stayed tuned for E-kun’s special bonus list!

Name: Lee Bum-soo

Oppa Cred: January 3, 1970

New Year Notice: Abounding

Current/Holiday Status: Last seen in JTBC’s Last and feature film The Beauty Inside with a cameo in Pure Love; currently look for him in Dramaland in Woorim School and in Chungmuro with Operation Chromite.

Ekun: That monster that has you thinking right is wrong and wrong is always the way to live life. Oh, that is Lee Bum-soo. Just his mere presence in a drama makes everything around him better. He has starred with many a pop idol/celebrity/actor that has been WTH in their career; but he brings up the quality of their acting just by doing hi craft…. Who lives their life that way? I guess Bum-soo Oppa. Though, I refer to him as ahjussi more often than naught.

Unnichan: Out of all the Oppas on our list, Bum-soo is probably the one I revere the most. He has it all as an actor to me and can do basically anything. And I’d watch him do it all. There are all types of actors out there and clearly he is a generous one. Or perhaps he just radiates greatness and other people soak it in like rays from the sun.

Ekun: I will watch Bum-soo Oppa clip his toenails for 20 episodes… 

Unnichan: Or take a nap or or change his clothes, or brush his hair… 

Ekun: Every time, I promise, will be shiny and new. That’s how he rolls. That’s how bomb he is!

Unnichan: Exactly. Is there some forum we can petition just to have him on-screen doing whatever, whenever for a minimum of 16 episodes? ‘Cause well, that needs to happen stat!



Not Our Oppa, but My Oppa: E-kun’s Top 10 Picks

Pretty is the first thing everyone notice when they see Lee Jun Ki. But I notice how Aaaahmmazing he is. Do not let the pretty face fool you, he can get down and dirty with the best. of them. Recently, he made my dream come true by playing a Vampire… *Moment of silence*

Every role I see him in I love him just a little bit more, and respect him 1000 times over for constantly bringing something new to his craft. The one thing that scares me is his eyes! Look:

Danger! Danger! DANGER I SAY!


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