The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Under the Christmas Tree


[And for those that believe— GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!]

Today, since it’s Christmas and all, we’ll have a slight intermission in our countdown just to share a couple Oppas and things we hope to have under our drama tree this year! But don’t worry, we will be back soon!

However, in the mean time, what would you like to see? Which Oppa would you choose?

When I started to think about which Oppa I’d like to see as a surprise gift over the holidays, I have to admit, it took me awhile to decide. For this truly has been a great Oppa year for me, but I wanted to consider someone who would genuinely be an out of the ordinary surprise and a joy to add to my Drama Oppas of 2015. I went through the run down of the usual suspects and then landed here, on Jo Dong-hyuk. He’s an Oppa that doesn’t make it to our countdown but over the years, I have truly grown to like him more and more.

I was introduced to him through film but it was his drama lead role in OCN‘s Yacha that made me stop and take notice. And though I don’t find him the best or most consistent actor, nor the most stirring, when he digs in to a role, when he truly settles in, he creates characters that stand out and own every moment they appear, much like Jung Tae-soo in last year’s Bad Guys or Shinichi in KBS2‘s Inspiring Generation.If I could have my way, I’d choose waking up to news of confirmation for the next season Bad Guys, ’cause the promise of having the boys back together would definitely be a great end to the year. But for now, I’ll just spend a couple hours checking out Oppa in his most recent cameos on Cheo Yong 2  and  Late Night Restaurant

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