The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

The most wonderful and confounding things about Oppas is that most times, Oppa finds his way on every list you ever make… And for this Oppa, well he’s that multi-listed, I mean— layered. Especially, for those who love just a twinge more. So without further ado, our Oppa #11 and the Oppa who made it under E-kun’s tree this year.
kjh_dcholiday2015-11Sometimes in life, it is best to stay the course known—for me that course is Kang Ji Hwan! While this particular Oppa has been MIA, he will always hold a special place in my heart.

Look, I don’t know what the happy hot pocket is going on with his management (which has been an issue for quite some time), but I need them to get that *censored* together! Due to this fiasco, I have been through KJH withdrawals in 2015. And his last drama, Big Man, in 2014… Let’s just say the story left something to be desired. No worries Ji Hwan, you were not that desired thing… Until now! kjhpic9

Name: Kang Ji Hwan (Jo Tae-gyu)

Oppa Cred: March 20, 1977

Santa Status: Strayed

New Year Notice: Craving

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in Big Man (2014). Featured in a movie in 2015 Heartbreak Hotel. We are humbly seeking the drama gods for his appearance in 2016!kjh_dcholiday2015-13

kjh01Ekun: The man who started it all for me. He opened my eyes to a whole new world of hotness on the other side of the globe. Forever my boo, the one and not so lonely (cuz just one is silly), Kang Ji-Hwan! I remember the kjh02summer my eyes rested upon his sexy face… Just graduated college, was working in fast food, sleeping on your couch—his pretty got me through that summer. And German Chocolate ice cream. Oh, I guess I should say we were watching Hong Gil Dong. But we end up seeing a lot of him. Fireworks, 90 Days to Love, and Capital Scandal! Love, love, LOVE him!kjh_dcholiday2015-12

Unnichan: He did start it all for you didn’t he… Ah, those days. It was hot and Hong Gil Dong was just what we needed. Though it did take me awhile to get into that drama. Like three tries or something? Either way, he made that show, of course but it was our struggle through 90 Days that made me certain we must like him or something, cause that was slow and brutal torture! A kind of hell that I never want experience again. NEVUH!kjh_dcholiday2015-03kjhpic10

Ekun: Girl! You ain’t neva lied! Did we finish it? Either way, he will always hold a place in my heart for him being him. He is another actor that goes from dark humor to melo quite nicely. Incarnation of Money was just pure raw goodness. Give me a dark hero over a punk ass pansy any day! *kiss kiss*kjhpic5kjhpic6

Unnichan: Well they say there’s always something about your first… The Incarntation of Money was some good stuff. Park Sung-min played one of the worst villains EVER! And there is something enticing about an anti-hero, especially when it’s done well. Kang ji-hwan is one of those actors that I like best in comedy so the dryness of dark comedy was just perfect for him. Oppa come back! We miss you!

Ekun: Missing is an understatement! I am 2 seconds from sniffing crack to get through this period of Kang Ji Hwan-less year!


2 Replies to “The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa”

  1. You, girls, cracked me up ;-). I’ve recently finished 3 dramas with KJW (all by myself!); I had watched his last film years ago but I still find his charming face (plus acting) to be addictive beyond reason. I just LUUUURVE him and I’m sure Masked Prosecutor would have been a perfect role for him, had this odd agency conflict been over *sad face*. I agree, his ability to perform in a melodrama and, at the same time, his comedic timing are unique. I’m sure K-dramaland desperately needs an actor who can be a powerful asset in almost every possible genre.
    Let’s start a petition for his return on our screens. I wanna sign right here, right now

    1. Girl! You don’t even understand the emotional heartache I am going through in the Ji Hwan-less reality! Where is that petition? I will sign in a quick fast hurry!

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