The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

It’s Christmas Eve guys!!!! Hope everyone is having a lovely joy-filled holiday! And it’s actually perfect that this Oppa came in at number 12 on this day, the perfect day to stay up, stay warm and marathon, while waiting patiently for Santa to make good on hispromises. Because for me, not only do I think of him (and sometimes take a peek at him), every year around this time, he’s also brought some pretty great gifts into my drama life.

With his drama Will It Snow For Christmas? (watch here or here) I met Kim Soo-hyun (whom I will always have a soft spot for, based solely on his portrayal of that role) but more importantly, I had the privilege of seeing them both play one of the best characters of their careers. That drama alone made such an impression on me, I don’t see how I could ever make a passing reference of this Oppa without mentioning it. 

Oppa continuously chooses weighty, layered roles, his last drama role being extremely dubious in nature but recently there has been a trend of actors dabbling in more and more light-hearted fair and though I love him best with a little sorrow in his eyes, cute and adorable (ala Marrying a Millionaire, Love 911) would be just as rewarding to experience.


Name: Go Soo

Oppa Cred: October 4, 1974

Santa Status: Nostalgic

New Year Notice: Bustling

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in Dramaland as Jang Tae-joo in Empire of Gold (2013), while Chungmuro he released period The Royal Tailor,  currently available for the premiere of upcoming film Lucid Dream and filming, novel based period The Tooth and the Nail.

Unnichan: Oppa, oppa, oppa, Where have you been? Doing movies and being a  father doesn’t count. I mean, you know, in the Dramaverse. My personal  It’s clear I miss him but it’s not like Oppa hasn’t been busy. Plus he left us with one heck of a performance last year. Kinda makes me wish Son Hyun-joo could make this list. Guess we’ll just have to make an Ahjussi list in 2016.

Ekun: Are you talking about Empire of Gold? That was last year? Unfortunate as it is, I have yet to finish a drama with this Oppa. But what I have seen, Will It Snow for Christmas? and Empire of Gold, were absolute brilliance! How can one not be caught up? What is wrong with me that I can’t finish his dramas?! *Must seek help*


gs_dcholiday2015-07bUnnichan: Whoops! It was 2013! I was certain I saw him last year but that was The Royal Tailor with Park Shin-hye. gs_dcholiday2015-07Look, Empire had me strung out and his anti-hero was my pimp. I’m serious, that show did a number on me.
I was bouncing between Oppa and Ahjussi all story long and I still haven’t made up my mind whom I loved to hate more. Well, wait, yes I do. But all bipolarness aside, it’s Christmas… You should so find out if it snows.

[gifs courtesy of fsgifs]


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