The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

There are some Oppas that are just plain magnetic. Everything they do, draws you in and you fall helplessly under their spell. And while, this list may consist of Ekun and my combined “Oppas for the Holidays,” someone has to love a little more. And in the case of our next two Oppas, that is by far me (Unni).jjm_dcholiday2015-11

I admit wholeheartedly, that my admiration is strong, hard and uncontrollable for Oppa. For he’s not just an Oppa that is physically attractive but he has a bewitchingly irresistible charm as an actor. He is equal parts mysterious and intrepid, which culminates into a quality that leaves us all just a titillated and breathless. He’s a thespian, I refer to as dynamic in presence but Ekun just says he’s hot. Potato, potäto.


Name: Joo Jin-mo

Oppa Cred: August 11, 1978

Santa Status: Notorious

New Year Notice: Piercing

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in My Love Eun-dong

Unnichan: My love affair with this man isn’t real. I know that but … Wait, what was I saying? Oppa! It’s this power he has over me, it’s magnetic or witchcraft… Not sure which yet.

Ekun: Try all of thee above! He just got this look in his eye like he always ready to go… and I am not talking about to the store. What do my older family members call it? Bedroom eyes? Yeah, Oppa got permanent bedroom eyes. *whisper* They scare me.

Unnichan: Oppa is certainly dangerous. That voice too! It’s rare for me to be just plain fangirly but he’s on my Top 5 Unni Be Crazy list. He’s a great actor too though. He may be a huge bias, but at least it’s partly justified. I love watching his performances but I don’t do it often because he distracts me. And you know how I hate distractions.

Ekun: I love to be distracted!!! But I understand your frustration. I love to see him act as well, because he so convincing. In My Love Eun Dong, I damn near cried every episode because of that man. He even broke my heart in Frozen Flower… I know people don’t like to talk about that movie, but his performance was superb! How can you not mention it?

Unnichan: Look I have no problem mentioning it. It was a great film and his performance was eery and raw. He and Jo In-sung were great together as actors but I do remember them giving side eyes to an MC once during an interview about their love scenes. AWKWARD. It’s weird cause after that it’s not like they could do a bromance film or anything. Kekekeke.

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